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Designer Toni Sabatino on Rethinking Home Design: interior design, new york city, smart home design, smart home professional,

Designer Toni Sabatino on Rethinking Home Design

December 14, 2020

We interviewed award-winning interior designer Toni Sabatino to find out more about how she sees the technology and design industries coming together in new ways in light of the challenges of 2020.

Julie Schuster on the Future of Home Design and Technology

July 24, 2020

For top interior designer Julie Schuster, how a space feels to a client is just as important as how it looks. An active member of the New York City design community and owner of Julie Schuster Design Studio, Julie is uniquely positioned at the intersection of Feng Shui, Living-In-Place and Wellness Design. Her unique, holistic approach to interior design placed her as one of KBDN’s Top Design Innovators for 2019. We caught up with Julie to get her thoughts on how 2020 has disrupted the industry.


Techorating Trends | Start in a Showroom

June 8, 2020

Sometimes the hardest part is simply getting started. Smart Homes are no different. But luckily there are showrooms that make it easy to speak with professionals, get hands-on with products and softwares, and get a real-life feel of what living with smart home tech can feel like. That's starting smart. That's starting in a showroom!


Designer Natalia Pierce on Technology and Wellness

March 12, 2020

Designer Natalia Pierce spoke on the KBIS 2020 NextStage about her passion for a healthy home and how technology and design are intersecting in the wellness conversation. We sat down with her to find out more ways designers and smart home professionals can work together to improve home wellness.


Connecting Technology and Design with a Smart Home OS

October 4, 2019

Designers are needing to familiarize themselves with tech that, when added to their design repertoire, can bring new and amazing devices together to delight clients. A foundational smart product that will revolutionize the way clients experience their home is one many designers might not have heard of: a smart home operating system.


Joe Whitaker on the Intersection of Technology and Design

September 9, 2019

We sat down with Joe Whitaker to ask him about the design-build community and technology, what he sees as a successful project team, and his overall thoughts on smart home technology.


Toni Sabatino on Design + Technology

September 5, 2019

Interior designer and design thought leader Toni Sabatino believes that the key to design success lies in creating experience-focused spaces for her clients. We took a few minutes with her to find out more about how she sees the industry finding success with these collaborations.


Emerald EVP Brian Pagel on Fostering Design and Technology Relationships

August 30, 2019

We sat down with Brian Pagel, the Executive Vice President of Emerald Expositions, to learn more about his mission to facilitate necessary conversations and collaboration between design, construction, and technology.


Architect Stace McGee on Sustainability and Smart Home Design

August 24, 2019

Throughout his career, architect Stace McGee has been working to transform homes and buildings into sustainable designs that are as environmentally friendly as they are beautiful. We sat down with this go-green enthusiast to learn more about his mission to bring construction and technology together into the future of sustainable design.


Brandy Ketterer on Designing the Geist Reservoir Home

May 3, 2019

Brandy Ketterer was the interior designer for the award-winning Geist Reservoir Home, and so we took a few minutes to chat with her about her experience as a designer, her roles in the Geist Reservoir project, and her thoughts on smart home design.


Expert Barry Dorsey on Designing Technology Clients will Love

April 10, 2019

We asked this Control4 Certified Showroom owner about his passion for technology, how he approaches the customer experience side of home automation, and what a designer or architect should do if they are looking to incorporate smart home technology into their projects.


Elevating the Technology Experience: Expert David Mills on Home Automation

March 7, 2019

We sat down with David Mills, Director at Kraus Hi-Tech Automation, to find out what got him to where he is today in the home automation industry, how he works with designers to give clients the results they really want, and how other home-industry professionals can take advantage of his technological expertise.


An Accessible Home: Joe Ribera on Automation and Accessible Design

January 25, 2019

Whether due to injury, disability, or age, more and more homeowners today in need of assisted living are reaching out to home professionals for accessible home solutions that enable them to stay independent and in their home. We interviewed Control4 Instructional Designer and Technical Trainer Joe Ribera to ask him about how smart home technology has helped his aunt, who has been living with a muscular degenerative disease for almost three decades.


Protecting the Design: Integrator Jamie Sangar on the Geist Reservoir Home

January 17, 2019

The Premier Group, a Control4 Certified Showroom Dealer located in Carmel, Indiana, was recognized as the CEDIA Awards’ top honor for “Integrated Home of the Year 2018” in North and South America for outstanding integrated system design at the 2018 CEDIA trade show in San Diego. We wanted to shine some light on how the different teams worked together to create such a masterpiece, and so we sat down with Jamie Sangar, Director of Business Development for The Premier Group, to find out how the Geist Reservoir Home was born.


Reflect and Energize: Designer Toni Sabatino on 2019 Home Trends

January 10, 2019

Discover the 2019 trends designer Toni Sabatino’s most looking forward to, how to balance the new with the old, and how home updates can rejuvenate our lives.


Bettering the Home: Joe Whitaker On Top “Techorating” Trends for 2019

January 3, 2019

We asked well-known innovator in the home technology business Joe Whitaker about his vision for the 2019 connected home and what are now the must-haves for home technology.


Start With Technology: How Automation Streamlines Gary Frank’s Designs

December 18, 2018

We took some time with award-winning architect Gary Frank to ask him about how he became the successful architect he is today, why he tells all his clients about home automation, and what he does to set his business apart in this highly competitive industry.


Giving Clients What They Really Want: Evan Christensen and Harry Hamilton on Home Automation

December 11, 2018

We interviewed Harry Hamilton and Evan Christensen from Above Grade Automation to find out what they love about the home automation industry, how they give clients the smart home results they really want, and how other industry professionals can take advantage of their honed technological expertise.


How Louie Delaware and the Living In Place Institute is Bettering the Home

December 5, 2018

If you’re an interior designer, builder, or architect wondering how you can elevate your design strategy process, look no further than Louie Delaware and the Living In Place Institute. We asked him about his background and career switch, why Living In Place designs should be the new standard for any build or remodel project, and how smart technology can help empower people with injuries or disabilities to better live in their homes.


Only the Best: Why Designer Suzi Kaloti Uses Technology to Delight Clients

November 27, 2018

We were able to spend a little time with award-winning designer Suzi Kaloti, and so we asked her about her passion for every project, why smart home technology is an integral part of her designs, and how her long-term commitment to the spaces she creates sets her business apart.


Inspired by Integration: David VanWert's Thoughts on the CEDIA Design Tour

November 20, 2018

David VanWert provides expert technology solutions for his clients, so we asked him for his expert opinion on leading the CEDIA Design Tour, how his business is unique in the industry, and what he recommends for a designer to get started with home automation.


Always Looking Ahead: Gary Nance and the Award-Winning Geist Reservoir Home

November 13, 2018

We sat down with architectural designer Gary Nance to talk with him about the breathtaking Geist Reservoir Home, the “Integrated Home of the Year 2018” by Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA).


Knowledge is Power: Jim Patten on Smart Home Education Courses

November 6, 2018

We asked Jim Patten how he approaches CEU courses for design industry professionals, what these professionals should know about smart home technology, how he discovered his own passion for automation, and what he sees as an important next step for the technology and design industries.


An Integrated Vision: Joe Whitaker on Leading the CEDIA Design Tour

October 30, 2018

We sat down with Joe Whitaker to ask him about how he became a top integrator, what his experience was like leading the Control4 CEDIA Design Tour, and his overall thoughts on smart home technology.


Get a Smart-Home Expert in Your Corner: About Robin Fisher’s Newfound Love for Home Automation

October 26, 2018

Robin R. Fisher connected with Control4 at the CEDIA Design Tour and was intrigued and impressed by the Control4 comprehensive smart-home system. After the tour, she met with Evolved Home, a local Control4 smart-home expert in her area, and so we decided to check in to ask her about her experience, thoughts, and current journey with home automation.


Call an Automation Expert: How Joel Dyck Shares His Passion for Technology

October 15, 2018

We asked this smart-home expert Joel Dyck about his passion for technology, how he approaches the customer experience side of home automation, and what a designer or customer should do if they are looking to learn more about the (almost) endless possibilities of smart-home technology.


Crafting the Heart of the House: How Rick Oswald Sets His Designs Apart

October 5, 2018

Architect and designer Rick Oswald uses his thorough knowledge of codes, construction, process, and architecture to create one-of-a-kind custom smart homes that stand the test of time. We asked him how he got into home automation, how he approaches smart technology as an architect and designer, and why he loves the relationship he’s built with his Control4 smart-home expert.


Be an Expert Clients Trust: What Makes Designer Yvette Chaix Stand Out

September 28, 2018

When you look at any space Yvette Chaix creates, you can easily see that she has a passion and talent for home design. We were able to catch a few minutes with this on-the-go professional to find out how she creates such thoughtful, livable spaces as well as how she keeps her edge in a highly competitive industry.


Considering the User Experience in Aesthetics: How Toni Sabatino Approaches Interior Design

September 19, 2018

Color is something that can intimidate even the most veteran designer; however, interior designer Toni Sabatino says that her signature approach to color comes not so much from focusing on color in the space as much as focusing on color with the people—using color to create rooms her clients feel comfortable in. Read on to discover how this leader in the kitchen and bath arena approaches new projects, what she is most excited about in smart-home technology, and how she stays inspired in the ever-changing design world.


It’s About Being Brave and Passionate: Rose Barroso on Design and Life

September 14, 2018

We sat down with award-winning designer Rose Barroso to ask her about where she finds her inspiration, her struggles and successes in the industry, and how she makes contemporary design just look so good.


A Passion for Functional and Phenomenal: How Karen Sealy Approaches Her Designs

August 24, 2018

We sat down with award-winning Canadian designer Karen Sealy to talk with her about everything from business to psychology to her latest venture, The Pickering Project.


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