We are here to assist you seven days a week in partnership with your professional integrator

We have created two remote support plans, Assist and Assist Premium, to complement the services your independent professional integrator provides.

Assist and Assist Premium provide a solution for maintaining the dependability of your system and connected devices, enabling manufacturer-backed support 7 days a week if you run into an issue, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your smart living solution.

These plans are designed to provide extra support when you need it. Our team is ready and waiting to assist you.

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When you need a question answered or have issues to troubleshoot, you get:

  • Access to expert manufacturer support from the Control4 Assist Team to help remotely 7 days a week, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., via phone, email, and video assistance*

  • Proactive remote system monitoring to help keep your system and connected devices running reliably

Should any onsite service be required, your independent professional integrator has access to all notes and system information to ensure a seamless support experience**

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Enjoy next-level support with Control4 Assist Premium. Get all the benefits of the Assist plan, plus a concierge experience that includes personalized system education, scene modification, custom programming, and new device connection. Want someone to help you personalize a new scene for an upcoming party or holiday? Or maybe you have a new smart thermostat that needs to be connected to your Control4 system. Our team of highly trained specialists is ready and waiting to assist you 24/7/365. They’ll make sure your independent professional integrator stays in the loop to ensure your support experience is seamless.

With Assist Premium, you also get the following features:

  • Education on how to use features and functionality of the system from the Control4 Assist Team

  • Post-install personalization, programming and new device connection to update your system when technology or your preferences change

  • Bi-annual Check-ins from our Assist Team who will set up an optional appointment for assessing your system
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Our specialists are carefully chosen for their experience in the fields of A/V, automation, and networking, as well as for their superior customer service skills. They are trained and certified in various specialties and are part of our award-winning support and education department. Their skills and background make them uniquely qualified to support your automation system and connected devices.

The Control4 Assist Team is made up of:

  • Certified Control4 automation programmers

  • Experienced audio and video technicians

  • Professional certified networking administrators
I have already made several calls to make slight programming adjustments or to ask how to make this feature work, etc. The Snap One professional contacts were articulate, knowledgeable, supportive, and available when I needed assistance. They also followed up to ensure all was still working per our discussion.
Karen Anderson, Control4 customer


Control4 Assist and Assist Premium are remote support plans designed to keep up with your needs and evolving technology trends.*

Direct Manufacturer Support
Proactive Monitoring
Troubleshooting and Support 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. local time*,
7 days a week, including holidays.
24 hours a day,
7 days a week, including holidays.
Video Assist
Personalized System Education
Post-Install Personalizations
and Programming
New Device Connection1
Bi-annual Check-ins
Note: The Control4 Assist Team can answer questions about hardware warranty policies regarding Control4 products. Warranties active for services are provided directly by your independent professional integrator. Our services are limited to what can be reasonably provided remotely pursuant to the applicable Terms of Use and within the scope of the Assist Services you purchase. Control4 Assist and Assist Premium support plans are only available in the United States on systems that have the Control4 Connect service enabled. Your independent professional integrator must be trained and authorized to offer Control4 Assist support plans.

*Hawaii and Alaska support operate on Pacific Time.

**Support cases that are escalated to your independent professional integrator or require any onsite service may incur additional Partner fees. Includes, but not limited to, product replacements and cabling or physical connection issues. To exchange a product that is under warranty, please contact your independent professional integrator. The Control4 Assist Team can answer questions about hardware warranty policies regarding Control4 products. Warranties active for services are provided directly by your independent professional integrator.

Programing may be limited to programing that can be performed by using the system’s “When >> Then” programing functionality as well as adding new products that can be reasonably added remotely. Security system updates are not included.

1Limited to remote assistance for plug-and-play devices that are compatible with Control4. No onsite service provided. See Terms & Conditions for details.


Icon - Direct Manufacturer Support

Direct Manufacturer Support

Receive an additional layer of support from the manufacturer that is just a phone call away. Your independent professional integrator will use their expertise to design, install, and program your system to meet your needs. However, long-term support and maintenance are necessary when living with technology, and Control4 wants to make that as exceptional as possible.

Icon - Proactive System Monitoring

Proactive System Monitoring

Benefit from proactive monitoring as our specialist team keeps an eye on important devices that are critical in your system’s operations. We proactively identify and solve potential problems remotely before they occur, and we collaborate with your chosen professional integrator if needed. Support agents never have access to cameras or what you’re watching or listening to. All actions performed on your system are logged for auditing and are visible to you and your professional integrator through support tickets or monthly reporting.

Icon - Troubleshooting & Support

Troubleshooting & Support

Troubleshoot with our highly trained specialists available 7 days a week. They provide support via phone or email. For Assist Premium customers, the support team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether it’s a Control4 product, or devices and services that are connected to Control4, we’re here to assist should issues arise.

Icon - Video Assist

Video Assist

Connect with our specialists via video to navigate around the hardware and work efficiently toward a resolution. Having trouble describing an issue? Sometimes it’s just more helpful to show someone a problem rather than trying to explain.

Icon - Personalized System Education

Personalized System Education

Call anytime for a personalized walk-through of your system. Video tutorials and resources are available to all our customers, but if you prefer someone you can call anytime for a personalized walk-through, then the Control4 Assist Premium plan may be right for you. Our team is ready to share their knowledge and their favorite tips and insights.

Icon - Post-Install Personalizations and Programming

Post-Install Personalizations and Programming

Personalize your system with the When>>Then feature. You are empowered to modify scenes on your own and your professional integrator will have diligently programmed your system to your specifications. But preferences change and sometimes it’s best to go straight to the manufacturer for support. With the premium plan, our Assist team can modify any system personalization or programming to keep it evolving to your needs.

Icon - New Device Connection

New Device Connection1

Connect plug-and-play devices like cable boxes or Rokus to your Control4 system with remote help from our team. Your professional integrator has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the latest tech and we encourage you to reach out to them about new products, but we understand you don’t always need an expert for simple solutions.

Icon - Biannual Check-ins

Bi-annual Check-ins

Receive a proactive check in twice a year from our Assist Team by your preferred method of communication (phone or email), to set up an optional appointment for assessing your system. We will review system data, devices, and usage to provide recommendations, updates, or optimizations like modifying/updating lighting scenes, and suggested programming enhancements. This is an opportunity to further personalize your system, ask questions, and repair configurations if necessary.


Review frequently asked questions here.


Contact your independent professional integrator and ask them
about Control4 Assist. Your independent professional integrator must be trained and authorized to offer Control4 Assist support plans.