With a 4Sight subscription, you can use the Control4 App to access and control your system from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection). 4Sight also enables features like Intercom Anywhere, voice control, and When>>Then Scene Personalization that will allow you to modify scenes for a more personal experience.

4Sight is only available for Control4 systems installed prior to April 23, 2024. For any systems installed after that date, Control4 Connect is the required software service that replaces 4Sight.


4Sight now delivers faster connection times with the Control4 App for iOS and Android, and integrates with your Apple Watch to provide quick and easy access to Customer Favorites. Our latest update also makes it easy to manage your own 4Sight subscriptions and edit your credit card information directly from the Control4 App (iOS and Android).


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Intercom Anywhere

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Voice Control

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Notifications & Alerts

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Homeowner Personalization

At Control4, we’ve crafted a perfect balance between providing smart home systems that are professionally-installed and reliable with the flexibility for homeowners to customize and fine-tune their automation to evolve with their changing lifestyles.

This intuitive, web-based personalization tool, called When >> Then, is unlocked with a 4Sight subscription, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

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Hands-Free Automation


We’ve all been there—walking through the door into a dark house, arms full. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask your Control4 system to help? Now you can. Your favorite voice assistants can execute spoken requests to select or control media, turn on/off lights or lighting scenes, and execute personalized automations. An active 4Sight subscription enables Alexa and Google Assistant integration with your Control4 system, or ask your Control4 Professional about adding Josh.ai with its natural-language processing (NLP) technology that puts privacy first.

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Advanced Control


Aside from the new Halo and Halo Touch remote controls, and the Control4 Touchscreens, you can access your system with the Control4 App on your Android and iOS devices, including Apple Watch! While away from your home or business, an internet connection and an active 4Sight subscription enable device control, status updates, notifications and alerts, and Intercom Anywhere from your favorite mobile devices.

Experience the 4Sight Advantage

Subscribing to 4Sight enables the Control4 cloud-services, which adds features and benefits that will allow you to take control of your home automation system like never before. Get the most out of your smart home with voice control, Apple Watch support, Intercom Anywhere, automation personalization, alerts and notifications, and remote access while you’re away to ensure that you are connected at all times.

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