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Techorating Trends | Start in a Showroom

By Danielle Karr

Sometimes the hardest part is simply getting started. Smart Homes are no different. But luckily there are showrooms that make it easy to speak with professionals, get hands-on with products and softwares, and get a real-life feel of what living with smart home tech can feel like. That's starting smart. That's starting in a showroom!

Showroom Spotlight: A Lights Out Location in Indianapolis


“Our current showroom in the Indiana Design Center is all about the demo. When we have a client in front of us, rather than starting with individual categories like audio/video or lighting, we incorporate it all into pre-programmed scenes that trigger independent technologies in the home to operate simultaneously. We start the experience at the front of the showroom by pressing the doorbell on the Control4 Door Station. When the doorbell rings, the music inside automatically pauses, then the touch screen lights up and immediately displays the camera from the door station as well as exterior lighting.”


A Show-Stopping Showroom: Georgia Home Theater


New homeowners want to establish their own style in a new space, and long-standing residents want to inject some fun with a home renovation.


What is C4Yourself?


Getting hands-on with smart home products and really understanding them before your purchase is incredibly valuable. Understanding how products work and how they will fit into your home and into your life before you purchase makes an enormous difference when it comes to your long term satisfaction—and that is what #C4Yourself Day is all about!


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