Showroom Spotlight: A Lights Out Location in Indianapolis

September 23, 2019

The Challenge

Since 1999, The Premier Group has been servicing homeowners in Indianapolis, IN and surrounding areas with technology solutions and installation services for audio, video, lighting, electrical, and more. During those 20 years, the integration business has changed dramatically. Where audio/video solutions used to dominate Premier’s business, today categories such as networking, security, and automation are becoming much more common. The folks at Premier found it increasingly difficult to explain to customers the vast possibilities of the smart home. 



As one of Control4’s first authorized dealers, Premier understood the importance of demonstrating to homeowners how nearly all of their technology can work together seamlessly and be managed and controlled through one single system. For that reason, the burgeoning custom installation business decided to open a showroom to further showcase the many possibilities of a truly intelligent home.
“You know the old saying, timing is everything? Well it applies to Premier’s story as well,” said Jamie Sanger, director of business development for Premier. “As we started to look at changing locations, we found out the brand-new Indiana Design Center was coming to Indianapolis’s wealthy and highly desirable neighborhood of Carmel.”
Located 12 miles straight north of the heart of Indianapolis, the 88,000 square foot design center with multiple levels of mixed showrooms and offices promised to offer designers a one-stop-shop to bring their clients into a space that allows them to touch, feel, experience, and ultimately purchase every single design element related to the interior and exterior of the home including flooring, stone solutions, drapery, cabinetry, and more. “Needless to say, it was the perfect location for a stunning technology showroom, so we were quick to secure the space,” said Jamie.

#C4Yourself in a Certified Showroom Near you!

In 2017, Control4 called on Premier to participate in the Control4 Certified Showroom Program. Participants of the program work with Control4 to build out beautiful showrooms demonstrating a fully automated home experience – exactly what Premier had in.
“We have been a Control4 dealer since the inception of the company and when they came to us to discuss the Control4 Certified Showroom Program, we jumped on it,” said Jason Barth, Premier’s founder. “After 18+ years in business, the program presented an easy opportunity to get our clients excited – something we had been trying to figure out on our own. The program inspired us and with us already itching to revamp our showroom, it couldn’t have come at a better time.”

The Solution

In 2018, Premier completed renovations and opened the doors to their gorgeous new Control4 Certified Showroom inside the Indiana Design Center. Looking through the glass walls into the Premier showroom is like looking into a beautiful modern home; it’s an elegant marriage of interior design elements complemented with the latest technologies and devices, all running effortlessly by a Control4 system.
“Our current showroom in the Indiana Design Center is all about the demo. When we have a client in front of us, rather than starting with individual categories like audio/video or lighting, we incorporate it all into pre-programmed scenes that trigger independent technologies in the home to operate simultaneously. We start the experience at the front of the showroom by pressing the doorbell on the Control4 Door Station. When the doorbell rings, the music inside automatically pauses, then the touch screen lights up and immediately displays the camera from the door station as well as exterior lighting.”
“Next, we engage our evening/movie scene that closes the shades as the lights and fireplace turn on, and an automated art display above the fireplace lifts to reveal a flat screen TV, which also turns on. The combination of these two memorable demonstrations alone immediately triggers the aha! moment, where customers faces light up as they start to not only get it – they want it.”


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Premier’s main follow-up message to consumers after they receive demos and a walk through of the showroom is to explain that they are going to have all of the various devices in their home anyway, why not leverage the smart technology to work for you? “The Control4 system is the glue that binds it all together. By demonstrating what the system can do, we frame a more engaging and educated conversation with the customer, and that leads to the ability to upsell, because right away they start asking for more,” said Jason.


The Results

“One thing is for sure; we do not struggle with foot traffic any longer. Moving to the Indiana Design Center and building a Control4 Certified Showroom has given us both access and opportunity to build relationships with local designers, architects, and builders who bring us qualified leads,” said Jason. “We have become the trusted go-to residential technology partner for in the Indianapolis metro area, and we are seeing a lot of repeat business resulting from our relationships.”
“We became a Control4 Certified Showroom Dealer because of the credibility statement it provides. We can say, here’s what we’re capable of. We’re meeting a standard of presentation and solution and if you’re claiming to be a leader in the industry you have to lead by example and prove it,” said Jason. “Control4 has become a recognizable consumer brand. Customers, including homeowners, builders and designers ask for it by name, and they laud the Control4 accreditation. It’s one more notch to set us apart and have us stand above the rest when it comes down to the quoting process.”


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