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The Keypad: The Ideal Interface for Personalization


Last year, we saw a dramatic rise in smart home reports and surveys popping up everywhere. As a manufacturer with over 180,000 smart home systems in the field, we receive a ton of great information from our customers when we issue our customer surveys. Our own feedback shows that homeowners desire personalized experiences in the home with regard to entertainment, comfort, security and more. In fact, we estimate that 60 percent of them want their homes to react according to their predetermined preferences, just as they walk through the door.

The 'Great 8' Fall/Winter Smart Vacation Rentals


You may have caught our first feature on vacation rentals, where we cover our “Top 10” favorite summer ‘smart’ spots. Now that the leaves are changing and the weather is getting cooler, we thought we’d share our “Great 8” favorite fall and winter destinations that are outfitted with home automation. Whether you’re looking to visit Park City for the Sundance Film Festival, or hit the ski slopes in Whistler, Telluride or Deer Valley, each of these vacation homes are buzzing with Control4 smart home technology to make your stay even more comfortable, convenient and entertaining when you get in from the cold.


Desert Dream Home


When a home's design—not technology—needs to take center stage, Control4© is the solution you can trust to orchestrate your smart home while complementing and blending into your home’s aesthetic. One Arizona home, built to complement and showcase the desert landscape around it, is a spectacular example of this. Cinemagic, a home electronics installer in Scottsdale, Arizona, needed to deliver home automation that would enhance the natural and aesthetic beauty of this home. A Control4 home automation system would be a key part of this installation.


Unique Home Automation Ideas For Women


Imagine: You come home after a long day of work and, instead of manually adjusting the thermostat, flipping on all the lights, activating the gas fireplace and turning on the stereo system, you simply press one button to transform your home environment into a place that’s warm, welcoming and relaxing.


Unique Home Automation Ideas For Men


Ready to turn your house into a restful retreat away from work? Here are three home automation-inspired ideas—all possible through a professional installed and customized Control4 system...


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