Unique Home Automation Ideas For Men

March 17, 2015

The average American male works 8.7 hours per day. That’s 2,610 minutes a week spent attending meetings, filing reports, dealing with staffing issues, delegating jobs and dialing into phone conferences. It’s also 2,266 hours per year that the average man spends working away from the comforts of home.

The stats prove it: Work and all the stress and anxiety that comes with it dictates a very large portion of a man’s life.

Coming home to a brilliant oasis of stress-free, work-free and hassle-free living can make the tireless hours at the office worth it, though. It can make returning home from a vacation just as pleasant as the vacation itself. Best of all, calling a smart house “home” simply makes life easier.

This is where Control4 comes in. With the touch of one button, your home automatically springs to life with proper temperature settings, your favorite music, perfect lighting levels and much more.

Ready to turn your house into a restful retreat away from work? Here are three home automation-inspired ideas—all possible through a professional installed and customized Control4 system:

Home Date Night

It’s Saturday night and your turn to plan date night.  Instead of dressing to the nines and taking that special someone out on the town, you fix a nice dinner and cue up a flick in your home theater. Thanks to Control4 you’re not scrambling around the room dimming lights, adjusting the temperature and juggling a handful of remotes. With the touch of a button the lights slowly fade, the room temperature adjusts, your movie begins and you sit back, relax and enjoy the perks of this fine luxury.

Maybe date night was postponed and you invited friends over to watch the big game. With Control4, you can pause the TV and the lights will automatically brighten so you don’t have to worry about tripping over each other to get halftime goodies. What about your friend Greg who is always late? Pause the game when the doorbell rings and your screen instantly displays who is at the front door. You can quickly identify your guest and let him in, without even leaving the couch.

Priceless Family Time

Managing a household can be a time consuming chore that takes away from precious family time. Control4 allows you to easily supervise your entire home—lights, thermostats, A/V equipment and more, all from a single remote control.

Oh, and the baby you just masterfully rocked to sleep? Don’t worry about stopping the movie just to make sure she is still snoozing, check in on the IP camera from your touch screen.

Productivity in the Home Office

You’re the man who crunches those 8.7-hour workdays from the confines of your home office. Enhance your working experience by upgrading to useful Control4 features. Be more productive and focused with one system that sets the temperature just right, puts on soft, motivating music and adjusts the lights to avoid eye fatigue. Every morning, press just one button and your office will immediately come to life, providing a comfortable, stimulating work environment. When you’re this efficient, you’ll have more time to enjoy your Control4 system for other, more enjoyable pursuits.

Furthermore, with the integration of IP cameras and security systems, you can quickly see if your clients are at the door or if it’s just the mailman delivering a package. You can monitor the kids in the playroom while cranking out that quality quarterly report. You can do it all with the help of a home control system from Control4

Visit Control4 to explore the endless possibilities in home automation and find a dealer near you to get your Control4 system installed and activated today.  
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