Unique Home Automation Ideas For Women

March 17, 2015

In 1960 only one in every ten American women held the role as the sole or primary monetary provider for their household. Now, over a decade later, that number has nearly quadrupled. Similarly, only 6 percent of women in 1960 earned a higher yearly income than men.  At 24% recorded in 2013, that percentage has also more than quadrupled.  

The benefits of working hard should be equally rewarding, and coming home to a dark, chilly, characterless house at the end of a long, strenuous day is definitely not rewarding. In fact, it can be depressing. Thankfully, a Control4 system can change all this… and in a way that’s as easy as tapping a button on a smart phone.

Since 2003, Control4 has been transforming average houses into extraordinary homes by automating common amenities like thermostats, light switches and entertainment components. Imagine: You come home after a long day of work and, instead of manually adjusting the thermostat, flipping on all the lights, activating the gas fireplace and turning on the stereo system, you simply press one button to transform your home environment into a place that’s warm, welcoming and relaxing.  

Not hooked yet?

Below are two real-life scenarios that demonstrate the remarkable benefits of revolutionizing your dreary dwelling into an oasis of comfort and convenience.

The Host with the Most

It’s Saturday evening and you have a big night planned. In about ten minutes, 15 people will be arriving to celebrate your best friend’s birthday. You have an excellent wine selection and a mouthwatering menu prepared. As your guests arrive, you press the “Cooking” button on a Control4 Keypad that’s mounted conveniently by the island countertop. This one button press tells the lights to brighten and the stereo system to play a compilation of upbeat music. Even your automation-aware refrigerator pitches in by ramping up its production of ice.  

The doorbell rings and instead of racing to the door, you first peek at the screen of the kitchen’s Control4 Touch Screen to see who is there. The VIP of the party has finally arrived and you tell everyone to “shhhh!” and “hide!” As you open the door, your party erupts in a unanimous “SURPRISE!” and your party really begins.

As you usher your guests out to the patio where you’ll enjoy dinner, you quickly tap the “Dining” button on your Phone; the lights dim, the music softens and the exterior lights illuminate your beautiful landscaping. Your guests thoroughly enjoy the outdoor oasis you’ve created and can’t wait for the after-dinner festivities to begin.

Once the plates are cleared and glasses are emptied, your Control4 system revs the party back up with fun music and energizing lights. Best of all, your pool and hot tub come alive with bubbles, underwater lights, and a comfortable water temperature.

When your party goers begin to leave, you’re nearly overwhelmed by their gratitude and compliments on your home. And, as your birthday bestie bids farewell with the utmost graciousness, you decide that, yes, entertaining is, in fact, your thing.

A Spa Day … at Home

As part of your exercise regimen you try to hit the gym at least a few times a week, and you’re fortunate to have your workout space at home. You’re also fortunate if you have a Control4 system to motivate you to maintain a consistent exercise schedule and torch away those unwanted calories.

By using your professionally customized Control4 system, you can prep your home gym in seconds. As you make your way to the room, a tap of a button on your smart phone activates your pump-up playlist, turns the TV above the treadmill to the news (with subtitles), sets the lights and brings the room to the perfect temperature.

Before you know it, your workout is complete and you feel great. So great, in fact, you might even tack on another 15 minutes on the spin bike.

You reward your hard work with a refreshing dip in the pool, a relaxing steam in the sauna and a shower. Throughout your cool-down the Control4 system preps and pampers you with beautiful music and lighting.

Control4 was made for you, to be controlled by you and loved by you.

Visit Control4 to explore the endless possibilities in home automation and find a dealer near you to get your Control4 system installed and activated today.
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