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Where Were You in Y2K? The Time the World (Almost) Ended

By Elizabeth Kotz

Let’s go back to the year 1999. Only the birds were tweeting, and the “Cloud” usually came with a forecast of rain. And then came the panic of Y2K. Would life as we know it completely end? Would the two-digit code we once created literally end all technology?

A Decade in Review: How Households Smartened Up in the 2010s

By Guest

Take a peek back through the past decade and the technology that it brought us!


The Connected Car Meets the Connected Home


Every January marks yet another year of the biggest Consumer Electronics show in the world: CES in Las Vegas. This week, we debuted a proof-of-concept to unite smart home functionality with connected cars; a topic that is proving to be a popular one this year.


Tech Bits & "Little-Did-You-Knows"

By Guest

A "Shoulder Phone" from Japan, a computer for the Amish, and a rechargeable highway...those are just a few of the fun facts you'll discover here!


The Internet of Things: Great Reads from MediaPlanetUSA

By Crystal Watts

Control4 recently participated in the MediaplanetUSA Internet of Things campaign, a wonderful resource that highlights the importance of current and new technologies and the impact they have on our everyday lives. We thought we'd share with you some great reads focused on the IoT and the Smart Home.


Technology Breathes New Life into Old Homes

By Guest

Just like a new coat of paint or updated countertops, electronic systems should be part of a remodeling plan. Back in the early days of home automation, most systems were designed to be installed while a home was under construction. It was a wise strategy. The new housing market at that time was strong and healthy, so there were plenty of new homes to wire up for automation, security, lighting and whole-house A/V systems...


2014 International CES Preview

By Tyler Reed

The 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is upon us. Leading up to this year’s show I’ve been paying close attention to the rumors about new products and technology, and here is what I’m expecting we’ll see or hear buzz about at 2014 CES...


Top 5 Features Homebuyers Are Looking For

By Lisa Harmer

As the housing market continues to heat up, it's interesting see what trends are changing. Are people still looking for big walk-in closets, stainless steel appliances and spacious kitchens? Sure. But there are signs that times are changing. Earlier this year, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate published a survey of the next generation of homebuyers, 18-35 year olds who are challenging the traditional norms surrounding home purchases. It turns out high-tech features are top on the list of features homebuyers are seeking. 


Control4 and Android Home Automation


My wife thinks Android home automation is a non-issue, but I beg to differ. There’s a reason that the “other brand” of home control for mobile devices isn’t really on her radar screen. She has Apple iPhone and iPad devices, and uses both to control everything in our home, from the temperature to the ceiling fans to the volume on the television. She’s extremely happy with the iOS version of Control4’s MyHome app, and she’s definitely not alone.


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