The Connected Car Meets the Connected Home

January 9, 2016

Every January marks yet another year of the biggest Consumer Electronics show in the world: CES in Las Vegas. This week, we debuted a proof-of-concept to unite smart home functionality with connected cars; a topic that is proving to be a popular one this year. This proof-of-concept was accomplished by leveraging SmartDeviceLink (SDL) technology, open-source software from a Ford-owned company, Livio, designed specifically to integrate Internet functionality into vehicles. This is really exciting to show the future of car and home connectivity, where drivers have a convenient and responsible way to remotely access all of their most frequently used smart home devices while on the road.

But what can it do? What does this actually mean for the consumer?
The Control4 proof-of-concept smart home app for the connected car demonstrates one-touch smart home integration using an Android phone and a Toyota vehicle head display unit. The Control4 App syncs with the vehicle’s head display unit to enable Control4 users to access and control their smart home devices, such as thermostats, lights, locks and garage doors, right from the driver’s seat!
The driver can initiate automation scenes in the home right from the dashboard. Touch “Away” and, in addition to closing the garage door, the lights will turn off, security system will arm, doors will lock and the temperature will set to energy-saving mode. Touch “Arrive” before you turn into the driveway and your smart home will automatically turn on the lights, queue up the music and get the heat going to welcome you home.
What this means for the future is even more exciting. It means seamless connectivity with your phone, your car, and your smart home. It means your smart home just got even smarter when you add in the implications of your home knowing when you are staying late at work, or on your way home and how far away you are, or stuck in traffic etc. It begins the transition of our connected devices in a “smart home” to the devices coordinating and responding in a truly “intelligent home.”
As the concept for the connected car continues to develop, see what Control4 can already do for your home. Visit or a dealer in your area.