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What to expect when working with a smart home professional

By Guest

When you decide to either build or transform your home or office into a smart home, it’s essential to work with a trained and experienced professional. Hiring the right integrator will not only save you time and money, but also headaches and hassles.

Connecting Technology and Design with a Smart Home OS

By Danielle Karr

Designers are needing to familiarize themselves with tech that, when added to their design repertoire, can bring new and amazing devices together to delight clients. A foundational smart product that will revolutionize the way clients experience their home is one many designers might not have heard of: a smart home operating system.


Joe Whitaker on the Intersection of Technology and Design

By Danielle Karr

We sat down with Joe Whitaker to ask him about the design-build community and technology, what he sees as a successful project team, and his overall thoughts on smart home technology.


Elevating the Technology Experience: Expert David Mills on Home Automation

By Danielle Karr

We sat down with David Mills, Director at Kraus Hi-Tech Automation, to find out what got him to where he is today in the home automation industry, how he works with designers to give clients the results they really want, and how other home-industry professionals can take advantage of his technological expertise.


An Accessible Home: Joe Ribera on Automation and Accessible Design

By Danielle Karr

Whether due to injury, disability, or age, more and more homeowners today in need of assisted living are reaching out to home professionals for accessible home solutions that enable them to stay independent and in their home. We interviewed Control4 Instructional Designer and Technical Trainer Joe Ribera to ask him about how smart home technology has helped his aunt, who has been living with a muscular degenerative disease for almost three decades.


Only the Best: Why Designer Suzi Kaloti Uses Technology to Delight Clients

By Danielle Karr

We were able to spend a little time with award-winning designer Suzi Kaloti, and so we asked her about her passion for every project, why smart home technology is an integral part of her designs, and how her long-term commitment to the spaces she creates sets her business apart.


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