Shades of Grey Control

October 22, 2012

My reference point both for "grey" and "control" come not from a best-selling novel from 2011 (one of these days I suppose I should read it?) but instead from a visit I made earlier this last year to none other than New York City.

Authorized Control4 dealer Alex Reppen introduced me to some of his most magnificent installations and let's just say there was one in midtown Manhattan that, well... left its mark. (Seriously, I have not read the book; first I'd heard of it was from last season's SNL skit!).

One of the homeowners is a designer and persnickety in all the most fabulous ways. While he wanted all of the typical control and automation one might desire, he respectfully demanded that there be no sign of it. That is, no "exposed" touch screens, etc. that might distract from his gorgeous property. He's clearly got a look going on, right down to his two darling dogs--absolutely no "color," per se. It's all about shades of grey in a beautiful execution of monochromatic design.

But since I was lucky enough to come with a camera, don't count on my words to paint this so-called picture. Come on in and have a peek yourself... Alex and the owner's lovely wife Adriana gave us a tour.