When Design Meets Technology, “Auto-Magic” Happens.

December 1, 2015

As you can clearly see, this futuristic home in South Africa is truly like none other. Between the best-of-the-best in architects, interior designers and technology experts, it features unsurpassed quality, aesthetics and performance.
The homeowners—comprising of mom, dad and their two kids in their early 20’s—were unhappy with the original control system that was installed and they reached out to BNC Technology to take on the task of retrofitting the home with a fully-automated Control4 system in its place.
Control4 was installed with remote controls at every high-definition TV, touch screens at high-traffic areas for convenience and full control, and a motorized picture lift was concealed into the kitchen counter. Since there were nearly 70 shades already installed in the home, BNC was able to integrate them into the Control4 system for quick and easy control from any interface.
To replace the previous lighting system, some remedial work and additional wiring was required. Because Control4 is able to offer a combination of wired and wireless lighting control, the dealer was able to mix different technologies where required and still deliver full functionality under the Control4 platform.
According to the homeowners, the simplicity of smart lighting is what has provided the greatest benefit and has streamlined their lifestyle in their large, nearly 8,000 square foot home. And their favorite feature? The scenes. One button press gets the party started, sets the perfect mood for dinner, or puts the house into "Away" mode.

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