Listen Up: Control4 is Packing a Musical Punch

October 14, 2015

My husband and I have our respective can’t-live-without features in our Control4 smart home. But the one thing we share a common love for is the whole home audio system. We are definitely a family driven by the beat of a tune.

If you are a Control4 customer with whole home audio, you're probably enjoying it as much as I am. And you’re already aware of the built-in access to 100-million radio stations on TuneIn and instant-access to nearly any song or album you want on Napster or Rhapsody with a subscription. No need for additional boxes or equipment.

That's why I'm beyond excited to share some cool news with you today. 

Control4 has just added even more amazing native streaming services to the line up! Customers will now have access to Pandora, Deezer and TIDAL. Three of the most highly sought-after music streaming services available today—and they are already included with your Control4 system!

Let’s briefly break them down.


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you're certainly accustomed to the musical phenomenon that is Pandora. And now, with Control4, no matter what interface you are using to stream your music—whether it’s a smartphone, touch screen, keypad, or right on your TV—just select your favorite artist, and music similar to that artist will begin to play overhead, anywhere you choose. You’ll even have the ability to influence what you're listening to with the familiar “Thumbs Up” / “Thumbs Down” capability. It’s perfect for outdoor parties! Pass around the touch screen and let everyone give it a shot!


One streaming service you might not be completely versed with just yet is the up-and-coming new service, TIDAL, Jay-Z's subscription-based music service that is perfect for true audiophiles—those who want incredibly high-quality, lossless audio. Coupled with some high-end speakers from Bang & Olufsen or Sonos, you’ll be amazed at your heightened audio experience.


And last but certainly not least—Deezer. It’s incredibly popular in the United Kingdom right now and it’s growing rapidly across the globe, giving music lovers access to over 35 million songs. It’s set to come to the United States this year and Control4 will be the first smart home platform to offer its native use. And of course, it will be available immediately to Control4 customers in countries that already support Deezer.

Imagine this: Punch in your personalized code into your smart lock, and your Control4 home greets you by flooding the house with your favorite station the second you walk through the door. Pretty cool, right? Control4 is amping up the listening experience for customers everywhere. If you are interested in upgrading so you, too, can experience these amazing streaming services natively, be sure to contact your dealer today! 

*Some of the built-in streaming services require a music subscription. Customers installing systems with OS 2.8 will have all functionality built-in. Customers with OS 2.7 will need to contact their dealer to have the new streaming service drivers added to their systems. Customers running operating systems prior to OS 2.7 will require a software update from their dealer to be able to add the new streaming services to their systems but should contact their dealer or see our current upgrade promotion