The Internet of Things: Great Reads from MediaPlanetUSA

May 9, 2015

Control4 recently participated in the MediaplanetUSA Internet of Things campaign, a wonderful resource that highlights the importance of current and new technologies and the impact they have on our everyday lives.

We thought we'd share with you some great reads focused on the IoT and the Smart Home.  

"The Internet of Things is about connectedness among all of the things that surround us, including our car, our coffee maker, our sprinkler system and the cloud where we can find just about anything that we can imagine."
-- Read More: The IoT at Home: Smart Houses, Happy Homeowners

"Most benefits in our opinion come when the control is done for you, so when you come home you don’t have to pull out your smart phone to perform actions; they just automatically happen." - Paul Williams, Control4. 
-- Read More: Building a Foundation for Optimizing Internet of Things

"The IoT is opening unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs and large established enterprises alike. Whether you prefer to think of it as the “Internet of Everything” or the “Internet of New Services for Me,” your life will be changed in ways not yet imaginable..."
-- Read More: Future of Business and Tech

The campaign was distributed in the San Francisco Chronicle on May 8, 2015.