Unexpected Automation: 5 Interesting IoT Products

November 12, 2014

Remember when the internet was only confined to our computer screens? Back when you had to pay for AOL, and Google was still a word only mathematicians used? Times have changed and our phones, tablets, and computers aren’t the only things that are connected to the net anymore. Designers are breathing new life into everyday products by redesigning them to intelligently interact with their users and other devices around them. Here are some interesting and unexpected products the Internet of Things has given birth to:
  1. The SmartyPan
If you’re like me, you have burnt your fair share of dinners, and cooking is more of an pain than something you enjoy. That is why a team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have built a “smart pan” to make sure you never burn that grilled cheese ever again. The SmartyPan syncs with your mobile device and will not only walk you through step-by-step on how to cook specific meals, but will also measure your ingredients and let you know if you need to turn down that stovetop.
  1. Smart Umbrella
If you don’t check the before you leave the house, you may not be prepared for the torrential downpour that is headed your way. Not to worry, the Ambient Umbrella is here to assist. It receives data from Accuweather via Ambient’s InfoCast Network, and lights up to make sure you take it with you so you can stay dry.  
  1. The Smart Garden
While the Internet of Things explosion has mostly been focused on the inside of the home, it is starting to leak into the outside world as well. Edyn, the sophisticated smart garden, can give you all the vital stats to make sure your garden growing strong.
  1. The Smart Cup
Do you ever wonder exactly how much caffeine or sugar you drink in a day? Sure, you can look at the label, but keeping track of exactly how much sugar or caffeine you take in can be impractical, and lets face it, a pain. Vessel has solved this problem by introducing a cup that can track everything from the number of calories you are drinking, down to how much metal is in your drink. The essel claims to help people reach their weight loss goals and says it can even help you get a more restful night’s sleep.
  1. The Smart Desk Toy
ReaDIYmate allows you to make electronic paper toys that interact with your digital life. These little desk creatures will react whenever you receive a notification from just about any online communication platform. Set your creature to sing a song whenever you receive an email from a loved one, or have it move across the desk whenever you are mentioned in a tweet. You may never need another work friend again!