4 Home Automation Ideas for Entertaining Guests This Thanksgiving

November 12, 2014

Thanksgiving has the potential to get pretty chaotic. With all the cooking that needs to be done (add to that guests arriving and football blaring on the TV), it can be pretty easy to lose a degree or two of thankfulness.
Now imagine a Thanksgiving where your home works to reduce some of the holiday stress for you; a home where all the hectic elements of cooking, entertaining, and eating co-exist in harmony.

Welcome to your smart home on Thanksgiving Day.

With Control4, there are many ways to use home automation to enhance your Thanksgiving celebration. Our smart home products are intuitive and fully customizable, which means Control4 is the perfect fit for the holidays!

Customize Your Kitchen Lighting

Home automation truly thrives in the kitchen. You can create custom scenes for cooking, snacking, and dining.

For your marathon Thanksgiving Day cooking session, have your lights set to brightly illuminate all the dicing and slicing surfaces. You can also use your Control4 App to select your favorite playlist to play on the speaker system while you cook.

Then with the press of a button, your lights will automatically go from cooking to dining—more subdued and intimate. You can even use the Control4 In-Wall Touch Screen to alert everyone over the intercom that dinner is served!

Set Your Wireless Thermostat to Adjust to the Changing Weather

The Control4 Wireless Thermostat is designed to automatically adjust for optimal comfort and efficiency—even when you’re not sure whether it’s going to snow outside or be another warm late-autumn day.

Based on the current weather and the time of day, your shades will automatically raise or lower. Fans automatically turn on and off, helping to circulate air. When it’s time to welcome your guests for Thanksgiving dinner, your home will be at the perfect temperature.

Automate Your Thanksgiving Day Football Celebration

What would Thanksgiving be without football?

Kick off the festivities with a fully automated home theater! With full video and audio distribution throughout the entire home, you can enjoy the big game in one room without interrupting the activities in the rest of the house.

You can also broadcast multiple channels at once on multiple screens, so you don’t miss any on-field action. The video intercom system can automatically appear on-screen, alerting you when guests arrive or when dinner is ready.

Create Your Own Thanksgiving Dinner “Scene”

Imagine having your dinner table set with all the turkey, gravy, and stuffing ready to be devoured.

Now, with the press of a button, you initiate your own customized “Thanksgiving Dinner Scene.” The lights are set to enhance the beautiful colors of your decorations, a customized playlist starts playing on the speakers, and the temperature is set where you like it—finally you’re ready to invite your family and friends in for a dinner they’ll never forget!

Check back with our blog often for more creative home automation ideas. To make your dreams of home automation come true, locate a dealer near you today!

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