Automation Hits the Road

August 30, 2014

As someone who grew up watching Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Jeff Gordon battle on the racetrack every weekend, I always dreamed of buying a motorhome and traveling from state to state watching every NASCAR race throughout the season. When I saw what one race fan from Georgetown, Tennessee did to his 49-foot motor coach, I considered selling everything I own to join him.

This high-tech RV is equipped with the usual features of any motor home: a king-size bed, fully-functioning kitchen and bathrooms. However, the owner decided to take it up a notch by installing three TVs, two DirecTV satellite boxes, a Blu-ray player, an Xbox 360 gaming system, and two Control4 HC-250 Controllers that act as the command center, running all of the equipment seamlessly from one device. And better yet, all of this gear doesn’t take up any precious living space.

If his fellow race fans are in the mood to get the tailgate party started, he can simply touch the “Listen button on the Control4 SR-250 remote and—Voila!—the whole RV is filled with music. If someone wants to get a little shut-eye before the black and white checkered flag flies, he can easily select the bedroom and turn off only that room.

With amenities like this, you’ll be wishing for a rain delay so you can wait Mother Nature out in the comfort of your smart RV. Where can automation from Control4 take YOU?

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