Already Living the Automated Life? Perhaps it’s Time to Enhance That Experience.

August 22, 2014

Ahh, the 2000’s. TV’s were getting bigger, cell phones were getting smaller and the world had not yet been subjected to the unbearable noise that is Justin Biebers’ “music.” Although it’s fun to look back at the “good old days” and think about how far technology has come, you definitely wouldn’t want to live there again. Investing in the latest hardware without the lastest software is a lot like like buying a Ferrari without an engine, sure it looks nice but you're going to have some problems down the road (pun intended). The opposite is also true, and anyone who’s running Windows 8 on that 5-year-old Dell Inspiron intimately understands the struggle. Upgrading your technology isn’t always as fun as the initial purchase, but it’s almost always necessary. After all, your current iPhone probably isn’t the first version that you purchased back in 2010, so why should the technology that controls your home be?
Chances are if you’ve had an automation system installed in your home for some time, you have probably acquired more computers, mobile and/or handheld devices, and technology in general since your initial installation.  These newer devices present exciting opportunities for automation but they can also increase the strain on the older Control4 controller and the operating system you are running on it. By upgrading to newer hardware and software, you not only ensure that these snazzy new devices will properly communicate with each other, but you will also discover new opportunities to automate them. And we haven’t even mentioned yet the amazing new features that Control4 is constantly adding to our home automation platform. In fact, our most recent update includes one-touch access to endless streaming content from Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, Beats, iTunes, etc.; brilliant smart lighting control; enhanced security features; pool and spa control; and so much more! But these features also require the increased processing power of our newest, blazing-fast controllers.
We love coming out with innovate products and we want all of our customers to enjoy them, along with the best automation experience on the planet. If you are already living with Control4 and loving the automated life, click here to learn what benefits you can expect when you upgrade your system.