Ultimate Broncos Fan Cave

January 28, 2014

This Ultimate Fan Cave submission comes to us from Travis Leo at Residential Systems, Inc.

We’d start with a Control4 HC-800 to power the fan cave and the rest of the house.  We’d have a Control4 Video Switch powering the 16 video zones in the home, including 3 outdoor TVs since the weather in Colorado is so much better than in Seattle. A Control4 Audio Matrix Switch would power the 24 audio zones so that the game can be on everywhere in the house.
The fan cave actually has 5 TVs in it. There are 4 Sony 4K televisions mounted in a diamond shape so that the homeowner can watch the Broncos game, as well as the rest of the NFL games during the regular season. For the big game, a 165” screen drops from the recessed ceiling and is powered by a Sony 4K projector. Why Sony? Isn’t it obvious?

The owner controls his house from his iPhone and iPad, as well as three dedicated Control4 touchscreens (one on each floor). There is a dedicated iPad for the fan cave on a Launchport docking station. There is also a VoicePod in the theater so that the homeowner can say “OMAHA” and the screen drops from the ceiling, the projector turns on and the cable box turns to Fox for the pregame show.

The entire house is controlled by Control4 Panelized Lighting, featuring lots of multi-colored LED lighting so that the homeowner can add an orange tint to the entire house for the big game. Lutron shades automatically go up as the sun sets towards kick-off. Even the "Big Guy in the sky" is a Broncos fan---that’s why sunsets are orange.

Control4 Thermostats control the 8 climate zones in the house. Since the homeowner is throwing a big party for the big game, he touches one button and all of the climate zones adjust to an optimal temperature. Once everyone leaves (after the Broncos win), he relaxes the climate zones to save energy. After all, Colorado is a very “green” state.

Our mancave has a “Commercial Break” scene (which can be invoked from the iPad or TV).  The scene is activated for 3 minutes and when it is over, the lights flash to signal that the game will be resuming. When it activates:

  • The audio system lowers the volume
  • The lighting control system lights a pathway to kitchen
  • The lighting control system lights a pathway to the bathroom and sprays air freshener after a 3 minute delay
  • The bar and wine cellar lights turn on so that people can refresh their drinks

Our fan cave also has a “Pizza’s Here!” scene which unlocks the Yale lockset at the front door lock and play’s a WAV file in the entry to direct the pizza delivery person to the fan cave.  After all, no one wants to miss a minute of the big game. To ensure that it is actually the pizza delivery guy, our homeowner can pull up his surveillance camera on his TV and invoke the scene once he ensures that the pizza delivery guy is legitimate. What kind of Pizza is it? Papa Johns, of course!

When the game is over, our homeowner can push the “Game Over” button on the Control4 Keypad in his fan cave. This scene turns off the projector, raises the screen, lowers the shades and adjusts the climate. It also turns on the TV in the master bedroom so the homeowner can fall asleep while watching postgame coverage of a Broncos victory.

Our man cave is unbeatable, just like our team. Our fan cave is better than our opponents is because it was designed, installed and programmed by Residential Systems, Inc., the leading Control4 dealer in Colorado. With no disrespect to our opponent's, our fan cave is better because we put our 27 years of experience into its design and engineering. It was professionally installed, is 110% reliable and is programmed to the exact specifications of our homeowner. While we applaud Seattle for putting up a good fight, no one beats Residential Systems, Inc. and the Denver Broncos.