Ultimate Seahawks Fan Cave

January 28, 2014

This Ultimate Fan Cave submission comes to us from Rocky Snider at Beyond Hi-Fi.

The ideal fan cave would have a Control4 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch to control the eight displays in the room. To give the homeowner complete control, it would have a 7" portable touch screen remote, with an HC-800 doing the paddling. It would include an in-wall Control4 Keypad with blue and bright green back-lit LED buttons—since blue and green is a much more desirable combination than blue and orange. 

The primary display would be a Sony 4k Projector with Anamorphic Lens, paired with a motorized screen capable of displaying various aspect ratios. The screen would be flanked by six "smaller" LED TV's, having three displays located on each side. The eighth and final display would be a massive Sony 84" 4K TV that would exist behind the motorized screen, viewable only when the screen retracts. The audio system must be capable of reaching a deafening 137.6 decibels in order to simulate the Guinness World Record reached by the 12th Man fans.

I might consider using a VoicePod, so the owner could start up the theater with a simple voice command of "Go Hawks!" Upon start up, I would program an announcement that says "Welcome to the 12th Man theater, Go Hawks!!!" (using Arnold Schwarzenegger voice).

I'd incorporate a Lumastream/Extra Vegetables driver so that the room would be accented with blue and bright green LED's. A Subzero/Card Access Module would put my ice maker into "Party" mode for all of the beverages to be had. And I'd program a Baldwin door lock with a secret code that would allow each of my guests access so that I don't miss any of the action.  

The Seahawks fan can rest assure he will have a man cave that will be the envy of his friends because Beyond Hi-Fi knows just what it takes to create the best-of-the-best experience in home automation installation. Besides having eight displays and an audio system capable of 137.6 decibels, it would be the official theater of the 2014 Superbowl Championship winning team, the Seattle Seahawks!!!!!