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The most robust in its class, this high-performance controller has the horsepower to control up to hundreds of devices throughout homes of any size or scope.

The EA-5 controller is a reliable and powerful way to browse massive music libraries, distribute high-resolution music and 4K video throughout the house, automate a sophisticated home theater and manage and control thermostats, door locks, cameras, shades, garage doors, irrigation systems, security panels, interior and exterior lighting and so much more.

It's the inside bits that get me really excited … the new EA-5 boasts twice the processing power of the old HC-800.Dennis Burger, Residential Systems

Multi-Room Audio

The new Control4 EA-3 provides the premier multi-room music experience, featuring advanced audio architecture and multiple audio zones to stream high-resolution music throughout the home.

Enjoy one-button access to simultaneous streams of high-resolution music from popular streaming services or your own personal collections. Architected with a next generation, dual-core processor, the EA-3 delivers plenty of processing power to automate small to medium-sized homes for easy control of lighting, shades, climate, door locks, cameras, security systems and more.

Perhaps the most exciting thing is that all three new controllers … offer high-resolution audio as standard. The emphasis is on entertainment this go-around.Julie Jacobson, CEPro

Family Room

The ideal starter system for an exceptional family room experience priced at just $600 US MSRP, the Control4 EA-1 Controller and SR-260 Remote bundle can control all the entertainment equipment for any TV in the house.

Unlike other one-room remotes, it’s not only robust enough to control entertainment devices like Blu-ray players, satellite boxes, game consoles, and TVs, it also has the power to manage lights, thermostats, smart locks, and more. What’s more, the EA-1 offers advanced entertainment capabilities like high-resolution streaming from services such as Deezer and TIDAL, along with fan favorites like Pandora, Napster, and TuneIn.

The EA Series pitch: control all of it—along with your smart home gadgetry—using a single remote and a single app.CNET Smart Home

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