The Halo, the Halo Touch, and the Control4 SR-260 remotes are the perfect hand-held interfaces to the whole home. Controls audio and video equipment, as well as lights and scenes, media browsing, voice control, and more. These beautiful remotes feel good in the hand, have an intuitive button layout perfect for one-handed operation, and are highly customizable.

Transcend Smart
Transcend Control

Halo technology improves the smart universal remote experience. Built off of the foundation laid by previous generations, the new Halo Family includes important feedback-driven features like: an innovative Voice button, a full suite of backlit buttons, and Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5GHz support with an advanced antenna array with up to 5 times stronger signal.

Say Hello to Halo

The Halo Family of Remotes were engineered for next-gen interaction and functionality like dynamic access to dual voice assistants from a single button.

A beautiful, new user-interface was designed for intuitive use while providing powerful controls, including thermostats and color-capable lighting, with incomparable media browsing and control, and new customization options.

Halo and Halo Touch come packaged in an elegantly understated form that elevates any space, and is perfect for any customer, from tech-lovers to the novice.

Simply put, Halo is a generational leap to a user experience that transcends all others.

Meet the New Halo Remotes

  • Singular, intelligent remote capable of media browsing, device, and scene controls for AV, lighting, comfort, and security
  • Elegant and ergonomic design with a complete set of backlit buttons for easy and intuitive single-handed use in the dark
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac support across the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
  • New Voice button dynamically functions as a Siri Remote for Apple TV or Xfinity Voice Remote for the Xfinity boxes
  • If asleep, a button press will wake Halo and execute the command

Evolution of the Everyday Remote

  • Full color 2.8" non-touch LCD screen provides a graphical display of devices, media, favorites, automations and menu options that are selected from, and controlled by the complete set of hard, backlit buttons below
  • Three hard custom buttons with digital labels for easy identification and execution
  • Innovative new Color Shortcut button to access red, green, blue, and yellow functionality on the 2, 4, 6, and 8 buttons

Halo Touch
Premium Remote Perfected

  • Available in Black or Silver, the brushed aluminum chassis brings a premium look and feel
  • Experience the thoughtfully redesigned UI that takes full advantage of the hybrid interaction components on Halo Touch: the 3.2" capacitive touch LCD screen, and the set of physical buttons
  • Enjoy with the beautiful graphical touch interface to browse and select devices and media, access your Favorites and personalized scenes, and execute custom or unique commands
  • Enter the Watch, Listen and Now Playing page easily with the quick access buttons on the Sleep screen, or use the Home button to enjoy immediate access to your Favorites, with the Main Menu just a swipe away
  • Engage with the familiar set of hard, backlit buttons that are always ready to provide immediate and reliable control, with tactile response that makes it easy to use one-handed or in the dark

Innovative Voice Functionality
A Dynamic Duo

Halo’s Voice is unlike any other, offering dynamic access to either Siri or Xfinity, the two most requested voice assistants. Halo and Halo Touch finally allows you to put all of their other remotes away by offering total control over your smart home.

  • When using the Apple TV, push-to-talk for Siri Remote
  • When watching Xfinity, push-to-talk for Xfinity Voice Remote (Xfinity integration coming soon)

Remote with a Personal Touch

Halo takes the premium remote to the next level with thoughtful additions that provide a truly premium experience for you. Pick up Halo from your Control4 Professional showroom and take advantage of the “First Time User'' menu to get Halo up and running in no time.

Take Halo & Make it Yours

Customization reaches a new level. Halo includes digital labels on custom buttons for immediate functionality recognition, and an innovative Color Shortcut Button for the standard red, green, blue, and yellow commands, or personalized options you want your Control4 Professional to program.

User Tested
Installer Approved

We've developed a new user interface through testing and feedback to make the Halo family of remotes user-friendly, customizable, and provide the best experience overall.

The Time-Tested Choice: SR260

  • Button layout makes the media experience more intuitive and easy to use in the dark or with one hand
  • Fast wake time and response time
  • Custom buttons make it easy to personalize the remote for each room or activity
  • OLED display provides customization options like color selection for the text, brightness controls, and support for multiple languages, including right-to-left like Hebrew and Arabic
  • Available with standard English buttons and international icons
  • The SR260 is the only remote backwards-compatible to OS 2.x

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