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Get started easily and affordably with Control4. We make the entertainment in any space smart. Start small and dream big, adding more automation as you go.

Your Universal Remote

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Plays Nicely with Your Devices

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Streaming Hi-Res Audio, Built-In

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Entertainment + Automation

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Simplify and Streamline

What You Want to Watch

The EA-1 is the center of your smart home and controls the devices in your entertainment center, and around the home. Controlling your devices—like the Blu-ray player or Xbox—and selecting the appropriate input on the TV, the EA-1 takes away the complexity of figuring it all out for yourself. You tell the EA-1 what you want to watch using the Control4 remote, the Control4 app on your mobile device, or even on the keypad on the wall. These "interfaces" connect wirelessly to the EA-1 controller, making it easy for you to enjoy your entertainment with a simple button-press. The Triad One is an amplifier that powers a soundbar, taking the audio output of the TV and reproducing it with high-quality sound.

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Family Room

Gather, relax, and enjoy.

The same remote that controls your TV—and all of your entertainment gear—also gives you access to your favorite music, in one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. Add a Triad soundbar to further enhance the sound experience.

Media Room

The ultimate cinematic experience, without ever leaving home.

The lights can dim automatically when your movie starts to play, and when you press pause, the lights can come back up to lead the way. And with Triad audio solutions, hand-crafted speakers deliver fantastic sound.


Watch Game of Thrones like never before.

You can enjoy high-quality sound when binge-watching from bed, simply by adding a sleek, small soundbar to the bedroom TV. And with just one remote, turn off the lights, close the shades, and get the series started quickly and easily.