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The Smart House of the Future [INFOGRAPHIC]


We couldn’t help but wonder what people of today think the “house of the future” will look like—or what they want in their own futuristic smart home. So we took a survey and compiled some of our favorite responses...

What Does a Day in the Life of Home Automation Look Like? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Because your family doesn't live their lives the same way as the people next door, your home shouldn't function the same way either. When you life the automated life, the things your home can do to make life more enjoyable and convenient for you and your family are virtually endless. Check out our infographic to see just a few of the many ways a smart home can function throughout the day, saving time and energy as well as giving you added peace of mind while you are away.


A New Era in Lighting [INFOGRAPHIC]


Incandescent bulbs will soon be a thing of the past. So what does that mean for the future of lighting? It means smart, energy-efficient lighting options -- and as smart lighting continues to be an increasingly growing market, it is becoming more and more desirable to homeowners. Take a look at this infographic that shows the end of an era and the birth of a new one.


Amp Up Your Energy IQ for Earth Day!


Did you know it's better to leave your faucet in the cold position? That a desktop computer uses quite a bit more energy than a laptop?


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