July 3, 2012

Can you hear it? Yes, that's the sound of over 15 million songs streaming through your Control4 system. Rhapsody has been a perennial favorite feature, loved by Control4 owners everywhere. And now that we've introduced integrated Napster functionality in the UK and Germany (finally, right?!) more people will be able to join the "Rhapster" fan club.

For me, Rhapsody means I can do my Saturday house cleaning with a little "coffee house" chill musical background while my kids are listening to "clean" music from the kids' channel that I've piped into their playroom. I don't have to worry about them picking up dirty words from anyone but me and I don't have to listen to hours of Backyardigans and Wiggles, which is nice on many levels. My hubby likes checking out the recommended and favorite artists. He's always looking for some new tunes for Harley-riding playlist. I understand that it currently includes LMFAO and some heavy metal, 80s hair band stuff and Avril Lavigne. Don't ask.

At Control4, we have a favorite "party trick" that we use at tradeshows to show the breadth and diversity of the music on Rhapsody/Napster. Ever heard Wing sing AC/DC? No? You are missing out. If you have Rhapsody, you can just search for this obscure artist, "known for her unique, offbeat, out of tune, singing style." She also starred in a South Park episode. Really, you have to hear this to believe it. No Rhapsody or Napster? Well, until you sign up for your 30-day free Rhapsody/Napster trial, you're welcome to check out her YouTube video. Once you have your subscription, you'll be able to get all the Wing you want in every room of the house. Rumor has it she just released a cover of Beyonce's Single Ladies. Yikes.
Tags: audio music