Super Bars for The Super Bowl!

January 31, 2013

For football fans, the Super Bowl is obviously a huge deal -- and this year, February 3rd will be particularly important for fans of either the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens. I'm not a huge sports nut myself, however, I do enjoy a good party so the Super Bowl is always something I look forward to. My husband on the other hand, has been talking about it for weeks on end. Asking all the "important questions" like -- Do we go to a sports bar or will it be too crowded? How do we weigh our party invite options? Or do we just decide to do it at our place? If we do decide to host, what will we eat? How much beer will we need? Do we need to buy decorations? (Ok, the decorations question was mine. He'd never claim that one.)

This led me to think about our next big project. We have an unfinished basement in our home and just enough space for me to be dangerous. My husband always jokes about making the empty space into a massive "man cave" or, as I like to call it, "a co-ed cave" (since there is no way I'll allow myself to be restricted from the party domain). But I don't think he believes it will ever really happen. Little does he know, I've already been scouting out ideas and I hope to (one day) present him with a full design plan encompassing all that he loves -- paraphernalia from his favorite teams, a video wall complete with different televisions to watch several games at once, a pool table and "washer pit," and of course, have it all fully-automated to his heart's desire.

In my quest for ideas, I visited Houzz. (If you aren't already actively involved on this site, I HIGHLY recommend it.) I created an "Ideabook" with 20 of the coolest home sports bars I could find. Hopefully, when time (and money) allows, I'll start incorporating some of these cool ideas into our own plan and eventually host some KILLER Super Bowl parties.

To check out all of my picks for sweet home sports bars, click the grey arrows below the first photo. And to upload photos of your own projects or create your own ideabook, go to

And share with us how you will be celebrating the Super Bowl this year in the comments section!
Home Sports Bars
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