HC-250: 2-Part Review

January 21, 2013

Dennis Burger has been a journalist in the entertainment and consumer electronics industries for close to 15 years, and has been covering home automation for the past decade—as a current editor at TechnologyTell and frequent contributor to Residential Systems, it’s safe to say that Dennis LIVES this stuff. So when he decided to do a 2-part review on the HC-250, we were all about it.

In the first part of Dennis’ review, he discusses the HC-250 as a one-room universal remote control solution and focuses on how it handles his home theater gear. He explains, “…this is the sort of control I could have only dreamt about even five years ago. Fully integrated, touch-of-a-button control, with nearly infinite power and scalability, all from a system that, including programming and installation, costs less than most AV enthusiasts would pay for a good AV receiver.”

See what else he has to say in the first part of his review:

Control4 HC-250 Home Controller Review, Part 1: The Home Theater Experience

In the second part of Dennis’ review, he goes on to talk about the entire automation experience. He explains, “…once you get a taste of what it can do, you start dreaming up new things to add, new ways to expand your system. And since the entire Control4 family is built on network connectivity and scalability, it’s really easy to do that expansion.”

Read more about his automation experience in the second part of his review:

Control4 HC-250 Home Controller Review, Part 2: The Home Automation Experience

Let us know your thoughts after reading the review!

Control4 HC-250 Home Controller