New Home Automation Starter Kit

June 29, 2012


Control4 Mom Blogger

Control4’s Paul Williams explores the Starter Kit with local Mom Bloggers at ‪#CEWeek Line Shows


If you are new to home automation, the idea of getting started can be a little intimidating – take it from someone who came in completely blind to it, and self-proclaimed to be technologically-challenged in most respects. But with the newly-introduced Control4 Starter Kit, beginning your venture into home automation doesn’t have to be scary, and better yet, it doesn’t have to break the bank. For just under $1000, you’re well on your way. Included in the kit is an HC-250 controller and an SR-250 system remote which allows you complete control over your media and entertainment devices. And perhaps the best part is that this kit gives you the foundation to build as you go – to add control of your lighting, security monitoring, temperature, etc. – all when you are ready to expand. My Grandma is even jumping on the home automation train. Yes, I think a pig just flew.

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