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By Guest | Posted November 2, 2021

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This post comes to us from our very own Quentin McCree, End Customer Marketing Copywriter for Snap One!

Great home audio is amazing to have. Whether it’s a movie or game night, encompassing sound sets the tone for the day and brings us closer to friends and family while creating lifelong memories. Immersive, lifelike sound has a unique way of enhancing life; it adds fun and creates emotions of all kinds, transporting us to an entirely new place. However, finding somewhere to put all this great sound is difficult, especially when you're maintaining a specific design and feel in the room. Nobody wants to put a big subwoofer next to the couch and tuck wires under an area rug. But alas! This is where the Episode Impression speakers come into play.

Episode Impression speakers are scientifically designed for a tremendously lifelike whole-home audio experience while adhering to room aesthetics. These speakers mount directly into your wall using a hole that’s much smaller than other speakers, maintaining a minimal aesthetic. They also use a subtle bezel-less grille that’s paintable, so they blend right into the room. With Episode Impression speakers, you can create your ideal room ambiance without sacrificing sound quality.

Episode Impression speakers adhere to three scientific philosophies on sound: low distortion, wide dispersion, and flat frequency response. A speaker with low distortion gives you cleaner and smoother audio, even at louder volumes. Wide dispersion immerses the entire room in great sound, so you don’t have to be directly in front of the speaker to get lifelike audio. And flat frequency response provides more accurate audio that's just as the artist or director intended.

When watching movies and listening to music, having a subwoofer as a part of your home audio system provides the most realistic and engaging experience. When paired with Episode Impression speakers, our Impression subwoofer provides deep bass for a full range of sound that enhances every listening experience—not just when you’re watching action movies and bass-heavy music.


Building an amazing home audio system takes a comprehensive understanding of how sound works in various room layouts, which is why professional installation is always recommended. An audio professional has the experience you need when it comes to proper speaker placement, amplifier choice, and flawless installation, giving you a system that will bring your friends and family together with lifelike audio that will last for years to come. ■

To find an Episode professional or learn more about Episode Impression speakers and their complete line of audio solutions, visit episodespeakers.com.

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