3.2.3 iOS enhancement

By Christine Hunsaker | Posted October 18, 2021

iOS Improvements for C4 
Control4 Apple users, rejoice! The Control4 mobile experience has been improved for iOS users. Get excited for less apps to use and more ways to use them!  
The Control4 OS 3 App for iOS now includes intercom functionality, allowing Apple customers to finally  delete their Intercom Anywhere app. If you have multiple Control4 homes, an incoming call will automatically connect through the Control4 App.   
What you need to do next: 
Update the Control4 App  
If your phone automatically updates apps, no need to do anything else! If you have auto-update turned off on your iOS device, you will have to manually update the iOS Control4 OS 3 App.    
Delete the Intercom Anywhere App   
The Intercom Anywhere app will automatically unregister and become non-functional, but you’ll still need to delete the app manually.   
Multiple Homes   
Once you’ve added and signed into each of your Control4 projects in the Control4 OS 3 App on your phone, intercom calls from any one of those homes will call that phone and automatically connect through the Control4 App.  
OS 2 Users 
Unfortunately, the architecture of the 2.x OS and iOS app do not allow for integrated intercom functionality. Systems still running 2.x will still be able to use the iOS Intercom Anywhere App.    
Check out this How-To video to learn more! 

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