Buying an Existing Control4 Smart Home

By Christine Hunsaker | Posted March 10, 2022

So, you’re buying a home that already has Control4 installed, now what? Make your transition into a Control4 Smart Home as smooth as possible with this guide! If you’re entirely new to Control4, keep reading to learn more about Control4 and where to go for more resources about running, managing, or setting up your new-to-you smart home.
What are you getting?
In a nutshell, Control4 is a professionally designed and installed smart home system. It differs from DIY, off-the-shelf consumer products. Everything can be unified under one operating system and is easy to access, use, and manage daily without relying on separate apps for comfort, entertainment, security, lighting, and more. Because each build is completely custom, each home’s system will be unique.
If you’re in contact with the previous owner, here are the steps to transfer the system.
1.     Have the original homeowner log into their Customer account: Customer Portal
2.     Navigate to 4Sight and ensure that 4Sight won’t auto-renew (so they don’t get charged!): 4Sight
3.     Update profile to new owner’s email address: Account Profile
4.     As the new owner, you should receive a “Welcome to Control4” email, directing you to log into the account. Remember to reset the password!
5.     Discuss any equipment that won’t be staying in the home, such as cable, internet provider boxes, or satellites.
If you’re not in contact with the previous owner:
You may need to get a Control4 Smart Home Pro to come on-site and register the account to you. Find one using this tool here.
Talk to Smart Home Professional
We recommend working with the seller to get the contact information for the original installer since they’ll have the greatest familiarity with your home’s system. They’ll be able to tell you what equipment was installed, where, and what automation features were programmed. They can also tell you how old any of it is and if it will need to be fixed, updated, or upgraded. You can also discuss any additions to the system you want to make, like smart locks, security cameras, garage door sensors, outdoor audio, and more. If you need help finding your home’s original Smart Home Pro, you can use this tool to locate themSmart Home Pro 

A good installer will work hard to make your system function flawlessly, and it’s worth having a good relationship with them. If you can't find the original Pro or if you're more comfortable working with someone new, you can find a new one here: Find a Smart Home Pro.

Get comfortable using your new system!
Ask your Pro or the previous owner to give you the rundown of your home’s system, explaining its installation and ways to interact with it. If you ever want to learn more about system capabilities, individual products, or specific features, you can check out our video tutorials or Startup Guide.
Homeowner Resources
You’ll find everything you need to get started on the Homeowner page, including helpful links to the Startup Guide, Video Tutorials, Contact Us, and more!
Not sure what 4Sight is?
4Sight provides access to additional features and capabilities that are available for your Control4 system, such as voice control, Intercom Anywhere, remote access, and When >> Then Personalization. You can learn more about 4Sight here or subscribe at the Customer Portal here.
We hope this guide helped start you along your Control4 Smart Home journey! You can also check out our older guide on this topic here: Buying a previously owned Control4 system
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