By Jamie Corpuz | Posted April 14, 2020

Staying at home doesn’t have to mean staying indoors. Here are three ways you can use technology to turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis.

#1) Get Your Groove on 
The best dance floor at your house might just be your backyard. Plus, there’s more room to get your groove on in the great outdoors. The problem here, though, is that usually, the sound quality diminishes when you’re outside. That’s where outdoor speakers come in. Episode Terrain Speakers or Triad Garden Array speakers are all-weather landscape speakers that will blanket your outdoor spaces with rich, beautiful audio while blending in with the outdoors and your outdoor ambiance.
Both speaker lines, available via Control4,  are a family of satellite and subwoofer speakers that are placed throughout the yard and garden areas to provide you with vibrant, full-coverage sound. They offer consistent volume levels and balanced tones that deliver consistent sound quality, eliminating hot spots and quiet areas.

Each of the satellite speakers offers a 150-degree listening area that is over 50% wider than traditional landscape speakers. This allows for broad speaker placement so you can enjoy uncompromised surround sound quality outdoors with fewer speakers. The Garden Array Subwoofer is designed for both above and below-ground installations. Meaning the bass can be on the patio or deck, or buried near a pool, gazebo, or pergola.



#2) The Couch is So Last Season
Work on that Summer bod while you’re outside in the sunshine. Binge-watch your favorite Netflix show from the comfort of the fire pit. Enjoy watching the big game while you’re getting your grill on. Entertaining outside becomes significantly easier with a SunBrite TV because SunBrite TVs are specifically designed to be outside. Built to withstand outdoor elements, 
No need to stress about rain, snow, dust, insects, salt air, humidity, or extreme temperatures because SunBrite TVs are meant to be in the great outdoors, and are rated to handle all of this and more. Outdoor-specific TVs offer higher brightness, reduced glare, and a sharper picture. This provides an ideal viewing experience, even in brighter outdoor environments, which isn’t provided in a normal indoor TV.

SunBrite TVs are engineered for safe, permanent outdoor installation. Indoor TV manuals warn against outdoor use due to potentially dangerous consequences, which might not be covered by homeowner’s insurance. Meaning if in a fuse shorts or the TV is ruined by bad weather and it’s not labeled as an outdoor TV you could be out quite a few bucks.

#3) Get Some Sun 
Whether you’re wanting to distract the kids so you can get things done inside the house or you’re heading outside to catch some sun yourself, it’s easier than ever to have some fun in the sun in your own space. The best way to extend your home’s network to your backyard is by adding a wireless access point. This extends your network’s range allowing you to enjoy your favorite media or stay productive while you’re enjoying the outdoors. Here are a few ways you can stay connected while connecting with nature:
  • Working from home doesn’t mean you have to be confined to your home office. Put your feet up on the pergola and don’t worry about a bad connection. 
  • Stream your favorite tunes out by the pool and don’t worry about static, lost connection, or lag.
  • Take your morning sweat session out into the sunshine. Your tablet plus a robust outdoor connection means you can be working on that summer bod out in the summer sun.
  • Hanging on the hammock with your favorite podcast, mobile app, or game just got even more relaxing now that you don’t have to worry about a lousy wifi connection.

It’s essential to stay connected in today’s world, but it’s also important to stay connected to nature. So whatever you’re looking for to build out your outdoor oasis, we’ve got pros that can help make it happen. 

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