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July 20, 2018

Smart, multi-room audio introduces a whole new way of listening that’s empowering and fun.

Music is the heartbeat of Chicago. For every musical taste, there’s a venue, a concert, or an event to soak in your favorite songs from your favorite artists. There’s nothing like hearing music live, especially in a scene as vibrant as Chicago. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to bring some of this energy into your own home—to enjoy great music in the comfort of your own home?

Thanks to the wide availability of music from online service providers like Spotify, Pandora, and Rhapsody, there is no shortage of songs that you can stream. But why settle for a mediocre quality audio set up that is tied to one room? If you want to do your favorite songs justice and a create an immersive experience that rivals live performances by your favorite artists, then high-resolution and multi-room audio is the answer.

With completely integrated high-resolution and multi-room audio, like those produced by Triad and Control4, you can access your music streaming service and play it throughout your whole home with incredible quality and fidelity. Imagine moving through your home, being able to listen to tunes that relax or energize you, without missing or compromising a single note.

The real beauty of a robust multi-room audio solutions is its ability to divides your house into separate listening zones. This way, if you wanted to, you could easily listen to your music in one area of the house while the kids, or whoever, play what they want, all via the same high quality system. This capability usually requires the addition of a central controller with the smarts to interpret your commands and direct different streams to different areas.

Another perk is being able to tie in other music components. In addition to streaming music, you can integrate a variety of music sources like CD players, media servers, network attached storage (NAS) devices, even your turntable, so that your music collection is accessible on demand.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is the convenience of control. Utilizing an app on your smartphone to find, select and distribute music is convenient … sometimes. A full-fledged multi-room audio system integrated with a robust smart home solution gives you control options like in-wall keypads, touch screens, and handheld remotes. When your hands are busy, you can even control the music systems via Alexa with voice command.

With specially programmed scenes, you can specially curate playlists to every room and every mood and have them set to play on a schedule or to start with the touch of a button or a simple phrase. When paired with a Control4 smart home solution, you can even tie mood lighting, shades, door locks, and many other home automation features in to your pre-programmed scenes. This way, whether you are feeling romantic, or just trying to create your own personal concert venue, your whole-home is personalized to your specifications.
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