May 3, 2018

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California // DEALER: Chameleon Technologies
Whatever you do, don’t call them switches.

Control4 wireless keypads can certainly control your lights, but that’s just the beginning of what this customizable hardware can do.
“The Wireless Keypads are without a doubt my favorite addition Control4 has created in the last six years,” declares Joe Mancuso, a Control4 dealer at Chameleon Tech in Los Angeles. “Any light switch can become a keypad, and suddenly you have global scenes instead of just a single switch.”

These are called “global scenes” because they utilize all the automation in the room or the house. Tap a button on the keypad and you’ve got a customized party scene where the lights dim 25%, the blinds lower, and your favorite Pandora station begins flowing from your speakers. Then, perhaps, a double-tap on that same button switches the Pandora station. Anything and everything is programmable, with the only limit being your imagination.

Joe goes on to tell us the most imaginative use of a keypad he has installed. A home in Beverly Hills has a semi-circular room open to the backyard. It serves as the perfect complement to gorgeous SoCal weather. But should you want privacy, a tap on the keypad causes five giant wrought-iron steel doors inlaid with glass to rise out of the ground and close up the room to the outside, the steel doors perfectly blending in with the rotunda’s walls and completing the room’s circle.

With a dozen stylish colors and finishes, four button sizes, optional up and down arrow buttons (for volume), and the ability to have each button labeled, it’s impossible to list every combination you can create. So let your imagination run wild and keypad your home into the 21st Century.
  • Garage doors, gates, computers, TVs, fountains, music— anything that can be automated can be controlled by the wireless keypads.
  • With the colorized LEDs, you can see the state of things in your home at a glance. For instance, when the alarm is armed, you can have the LEDs glow red.
  • Control the current in a swimming pool, and warm a towel rail for when you get out of the pool. With a tap on the keypad, you can get your wet towel warm and dry on demand.
  • Buttons can be programmed to handle virtually any non-lighting task. Fire up a movie or your favorite Netflix® show or start your music and control the volume.