March 6, 2018

Homeowners everywhere are reaping the benefits of a professionally-installed smart home system coupled with the ability to do a lot of customization all on their own.

Here are a few ways they are using When >> Then to personalize what happens at home.

“I wanted to know when my contract remodelers were arriving in the mornings. So I jumped into When >> Then, and now 'When' the front door is unlocked, 'Then' my house sends me a push notification. Only took me two minutes to set up!”
-Becka P.

“Programmed a button in my kitchen to dim the lights to 40% and kick on my wife’s Spotify playlist when pressed. She loves it.”
-Terrance B.

“My teenagers love to leave their lights on. One night I programmed their bedroom speakers to play the song ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ when they turned on their lights. For a few days, they’d get ready for school in the dark, just to avoid it. I’m sure we saved a little on power that week.”
-Bill S.

Take a look at the video below to see how it works. When you're interested in personalizing your Control4 smart home with changing lighting schedules, new streaming music, lock alerts, and so much more without the help of a dealer, visit your customer account to activate your 4Sight subscription.* 

*​Homeowners who subscribe to the 4Sight service and have OS 2.10 installed will have immediate access to When >> Then on

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