May 1, 2018

Watch the video for an inside look at this killer custom car showroom that is brimming with tech.

When a custom design business enlists the service of custom design automation, the result can only be unique. 
Welcome to Kindig-It Design, not only the hottest custom car design shop in Salt Lake City, but also the star of Velocity’s reality series “Bitchin’ Rides,” which follows the creativity and craft that goes into their most jaw-dropping accomplishments. Now in its third season, “Bitchin’ Rides” follows Dave Kindig—president, designer, and owner of Kindig-It Design—and his staff of mechanics and fabricators as they make dreams come true for car owners all over the country. 

The projects run the gamut from souping up a classic 1929 roadster to redesigning a 1955 Ford F-100 to decking out a 2014 Audi R8 for a BYU alumnus. If you can dream it, these guys can build it. Check out the episode where Dave and team transform an ordinary golf cart into a super-powered off-road vehicle that is, no doubt, the envy of the entire country club. 

Custom design met custom design when Kindig bought the building that houses his shop. With the purchase, he decided to finally upgrade his showroom and offices to better reflect the high standard and expert proficiency his team puts into every one of their custom creations. 
“We had been here for 17 years and really just made the best of a bad situation,” admits Kindig. “Well, after buying the building, I set up a budget to put together a brand-new, state-of-the-art, architecturally fantastic showroom. Control4 was the perfect solution for that.”
The new showroom gleams with light glancing off the chrome, the glass, and the perfect paint jobs that, of course, have been meticulously waxed. To install the system that would complement such detailed finishes, Control4 Dealer David Johnson from Show & Tell AV Solutions in Bountiful, Utah, rolled in.

“One of the things I really like about this particular installation,” confides Johnson, “is that they pay a lot of attention to detail in the customization of their cars, so to go along with that, we’ve paid special attention to the customization and the fit and finish of our installation. All the wiring, all the products that are installed, all match the fit and finish and quality level that they put into their cars.
“Using the Control4 brand along with Control4 partner products, we were able to directly address all of their showroom needs. This included networking, distributed audio, distributed video, lighting control, security integration, surveillance cameras, climate control, remote access, and network-attached storage for photos and videos.”

Johnson and his crew installed four zones of distributed audio and video (the showroom itself, the conference room, and two offices), five wall-mounted touch screens, lighting throughout the showroom and offices, security cameras, and a Pakedge network to tie it all together. 
In order to seamlessly blend into the environment (one of Control4’s greatest superpowers), Johnson had his team painstakingly stage a clean look, tucking the wiring out of sight so it’s not visible against floors, walls, or the exposed steel beam ceilings. They hid all of the hardware in a back closet, and everything is operated through the intended user interfaces. For consistency in color, Show & Tell AV matched the style and feel of the Kindig-It Design logo by incorporating its particular shade of red into the LED lighting and the backlights. 

Part of the showroom’s purpose is to display not only actual vehicles, but also special artwork and videos that showcase other amazing projects they’ve finished. The artwork has been loaded onto their servers and, thanks to the Control4 system, it can now be used as wallpaper on the wall-mounted touch screens and the televisions. Johnson’s team situated at the front desk a Blu-ray player, which can distribute video throughout the showroom and offices.
“It’s a whole new world for us,” laughs Kindig. “The guys are able to come in and with one touch—boom—turn on the lights, turn on the AC, get everything moving and rolling. It really works out great.”

Employee efficiency is definitely a plus, and Kindig acknowledges that it boosts productivity, but as with the best custom cars, form is just as important as function.

“Yeah, the efficiency is there,” Kindig says, “but for us, it’s really about the ambience. It’s about controlling everything. We can dim the lights, we can change the lights, we can have party settings. One touch of a button changes the mood of the entire room. With the music, the visuals, and everything built right in, it’s pretty incredible.”
With top-shelf equipment, trade secrets, and priceless creations all under the same roof, the Kindig-It crew can rest easy now that their external and internal security cameras feed into all the office TVs, as well as their phones.
Opening the shop is a one-touch operation, closing the shop is a one-touch operation, security is tighter, and showcasing has never been simpler. “Control4 has definitely brought us up to the next level,” Kindig says with a satisfied smile. “I’d definitely say to anybody out there—if you have the means, I highly suggest you get a Control4 unit.”