A Smart Home for Every Home.

January 26, 2016

As smart devices continue to amass, homes are beginning to connect and coordinate more and more. Even the simplest homes need automation horsepower, and the demand will only grow. For instance, the average Control4 home has 40 devices connected, with large homes having over 250. This represents a 3x growth from 3 years ago.
As smart technology is brought into the home and integrated, it becomes a more integral part of the home’s infrastructure. Just like we expect our power and water to always be on and available to us, so too must our automation technology.
Whether it’s watching TV or listening to music, you could say that entertainment is the heart and soul of any home. As homeowners who love to entertain—or be entertained—we want our content readily available and easily accessible. And in today’s high-tech world, it’s not unrealistic for each family member to expect a personalized experience that allows them to watch and listen to whatever, whenever, and wherever in the home.
The increasing demand for connecting our devices—whether in a small condo or a sprawling mansion—prompted us to develop a new family of smart home controllers that are purpose-built and priced to serve a wider range of home automation and entertainment experiences; from the family room to the entire house.
The all new Control4 EA family of smart home controllers. These three new models of controllers bring even more power and performance for home automation and entertainment into any home.
Note: You may gather that “EA” stands for “Entertainment Automation”. But rest assured, these insanely robust controllers are capable of controlling and automating anything from lighting, shades, climate, security and more, in addition to your entertainment experience.
So let me break down the new line for you.

EA-1—Family Room Entertainment, Starting at $600*!

The EA-1 delivers a fast and responsive on-screen experience and the ability to control all of your entertainment equipment for any TV. Simplify your entertainment experience with a controller/remote combo that controls everything from the Blu-ray to the Roku and just about everything in between. The experience is so simple, even grandma will be able to fire up the Apple TV. And for the music lover, native streaming services and support for Airplay-enabled devices brings millions of songs right to the family room without any additional hardware. And starting at just $600*, it’s the perfect place to begin automating at an affordable cost.
*US MSRP. Does not include dealer installation fees. 

EA-3—High-Resolution Multi-Room Audio

The EA-3 was built to deliver a premium audio experience—distributing high-resolution sound with audiophile-grade performance and clarity to any room. Stream music to up to three zones/rooms simultaneously so members of the family can listen to what they want, where they want. Or, stream the same thing in all three locations and have your music follow you from room-to-room. In addition to the premium audio experience, this controller also has the power to control and automate many smart devices throughout the home—lighting, security, door locks, garage doors and more.


EA-5—The Ultimate Entertainment & Automation System

The EA-5 is the most robust, powerful automation controller we’ve ever created. Capable of controlling and automating homes of any size and projects of any scope, it features an industry-leading advanced audio sub-system built specifically for high-resolution audio performance in up to five zones simultaneously. It not only seamlessly handles your entertainment, however. It also has the processing power to control indoor and outdoor lighting, shades, garage doors, cameras, thermostats, door locks, and so much more.

To learn more about what EA controller is right for you, give us a call at 844-770-4886! We’d be happy to discuss your smart home needs and get you in touch with a qualified Control4 dealer in your area. Or simply fill out the form below to learn more about our smart home solutions. 


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