​Gettin’ My Game On!

September 11, 2015

It’s the time of year when the leaves start changing colors and our weekends are filled with touchdown passes and hard-hitting sacks! There is something about Friday night lights, tailgating on Saturdays and knowing that on any given Sunday anything can happen, that gets my blood pumping.

As much as I love to watch football games in person, the best alternative is watching them from the comfort of your couch with friends and family in front of a big TV, sporting your team colors as the surround sound blares.

And in a Control4 home, you can make each moment count. Let me give you a few examples:

It’s fourth and eight and your team decides they are going to go for it. The quarterback drops back and throws a bullet up the sideline resulting in a first down. Time to celebrate! With a push of a button the speakers erupt with an enthusiastic “first down!” and all the lights in your man cave dim and brighten a few times while everyone celebrates! Or if your team scores, a “Touchdown” button activates the team’s fight song. It’s just like being at the game, minus the lines for food and the bathroom.

It’s now halftime and time to get your grub on. The “Halftime” button brings the TV down to an acceptable volume and turns up the lights so everyone can chat and eat comfortably.

The second half has now started and everyone is full, happy and excited for two more quarters of play. We all know there is someone invited to the party that shows up late. Who wants to go answer the door when the game is this exciting?! With Control4, you can give those latecomers a personalized code that lets them through the front door and sends an alert to your phone. You can even see who is coming through the front door right on a touch screen on the wall. And you didn’t have to miss any of the action. 

Control4 really does make your game time dreams a reality and the possibilities are endless! If you had an automated man cave, what scenes would you create for game day?