Home Automation is to be Experienced, Not Seen.

December 30, 2014

When you walk into a smart home, what do you expect to see? A robotic maid? A cacophony of gadgets flying around?

When you walk into a Control4 smart home, you should see simply—a home. But some amazing things will be going on beneath the surface, even if you can’t see wires and control boxes spread out everywhere.

One Device, One Powerful Automation Controller.

In October, we offered the “One Device Challenge.” The premise was simple—challenge people to see what just one piece of home automation equipment from Control4 was capable of.

When you look at our competition in the home automation industry, the one-device challenge underscores one of the main benefits of Control4: minimalism. Not minimalism in the sense that Control4 isn’t capable of doing many amazing things (it is); minimalism in that we reduce the equipment down to a few essential devices, making it simpler to harness the power of our home automation systems.

Many companies have jumped on the home automation bandwagon by offering products that control one thing. So you get to control a lamp, but if you want to automate your entertainment system, you’ll need a whole new set of equipment complete with additional wires and remotes.

Control4, on the other hand, takes all the amazing features of your home and makes them work together. We aren’t a one-trick pony; we use a centralized system that is capable of turning your home into a smart home.

Hidden Controllers; Elegant Keypads.

Control4 authorized dealers are able to incorporate all equipment in a way that is both subtle and powerful:
  • A controller can be hidden in a central location, like a closet, and used to power all the automation throughout the entire house.
  • Keypads and switches are designed to enhance the style of your home, and can be installed strategically for optimal usability.
  • A single universal remote can control all your entertainment devices, lighting, climate, and more.

Control4’s Goal Isn’t Simply to Add to your Home—rather, it should Enhance Your Home.

As you can probably tell by now, Control4 isn’t about adding more to your plate.

In our recent #SmartHomeChat Twitter chat, we asked “What does a smart home mean to you?” The answers we got indicated that people expect their smart home to enhance their lifestyle. They want their home predict their needs and cater to them. There’s only one way that home automation can truly achieve this—by providing a system through which your home’s features can be controlled using a single, simple operating system.

As cool as some home automation products are, many of them have the effect of complicating your life rather than simplifying it. With Control4, the technology “disappears,” making more room for you to enjoy your home the way you want to enjoy it.