And That's "WATTS" Up

August 30, 2012

It’s been a long time coming. But we finally did it. My husband and I found a place to call home. I thought I’d be relieved at this point, but oddly, I’m anything but.

For some reason, I’ve been losing sleep thinking about the potential outrageous costs of my utility bills. Heating an entire home will be much different than heating the quaint condo that we have since retired. And being that we are leaving the majority of our appliances behind, I’ve been stricken with anxiety thinking about the dough we’ll have to throw down for all new necessities.

That’s when my husband (Mr. Watts – oddly enough) steps in and pulls me from the depths of insanity, and I suddenly realize, this isn’t so bad. Our outdated appliances were energy-suckers, to put it mildly. We now have a clean slate. We can focus our attention on finding energy-efficient appliances that, in time, will save us money. Now THAT’S watts up.

 Save Energy through Smart Use of Appliance