Double Double “Tech” and Trouble: Top Halloween Apps

October 17, 2014

Halloween is fast approaching and it is my favorite time of year! The spookiness of October always excites me. I can’t get enough witches, ghosts and zombies on TV so I decided to look and see what fun I could cook up on my phone. Here are some of the best (and free) apps I found:

Zombify (iPhone) / ZombieBooth (Android)
Ages 12+
Ok, this one is super addicting. This app allows you to transform your face or the faces of your friends and family into disgustingly-fabulous zombies! Looks like I could go for a good dental cleaning and a bandaid or two.


Camera Hoax (iPhone)
Ages 12+
Take a picture and put one of the app’s scary stickers in it. You can choose from UFO’s, ghosts, aliens, or zombies. Play jokes on your friends or plan a scary photobomb! I took a picture of some zombies leaving the Control4 office!

camerahoax - Copy.jpeg

Haunted Manor 2 (iPhone / Android)
Ages 17+
The detail and animation took me by surprise instantly, as it’s almost cinematic. If you are someone who likes games based on skill and logic, you’ll probably find yourself immersed in the storyline.


Zombie Smash Lite (iPhone free / Android for $0.99)
Ages 12+
If you want a little more “action” in a game than the Haunted Manor listed above, this one is pretty entertaining. Use your finger to swipe-and-throw zombies across the screen or “tap-em-to-smash-em.” The game speeds up as you go, so be sure to use the appropriate tools you’re given to smash them in groups.  


TuneIn - Halloween Music (iPhone / Android)
Ages 4+
Why take the time to put together a playlist of Halloween songs when you can simply stream a Halloween music channel online? The Halloween Radio channel through TuneIn will continuously play all types of fun and spooky tunes. From Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to my Nightmare” to Disney’s “We Three Dracs,” they have a little something for all music junkies. And what’s even better, if your audio system is tied to Control4, you can pipe that music through the speakers in your house, directly from your handheld device.


Halloween WordSearch (iPhone / Android)
Ages 9+
Who doesn’t love a good word search? And who doesn’t love Halloween? Combine the two, and you have something to keep you busy for hours. Ok, maybe not hours, but the spooky words and and fun soundtrack will occupy your time for a bit.


Carve-a-Pumpkin (iPhone) / Pumpkin Maker (Android)
Age 4+
Looking for something to entertain the little ones? Let them carve or design a Jack-O-Lantern in the palm of their hands. When they are done, just erase the pumpkin and start again. No mess to clean up here!


I hope these apps help put a little more “spook” into your All Hallows’ Eve!

Happy Haunting!