8 Must Haves For Any High End Home Theater

October 1, 2014

Maybe you’re looking to turn your neglected garage into the ultimate cinema experience. Or perhaps you want to enhance your family movie night with a few updates to your existing home theater.

No matter your vision, here are 8 must haves for the perfect automated home theater.

Movie Posters

Set the scene with a giant poster of your favorite movie. Display a vintage poster of an old John Wayne western, or frame a bizarre sci-fi print of Attack of the 50ft Woman. Maybe you’d prefer a modern favorite like The Hobbit—you can find the perfect movie poster for you home theater no matter what kind of movie buff you are.

Stadium Seating with LED Step Lights

Many homeowners are installing stadium seating into their home theaters to achieve optimal viewing pleasure, but what would stadium seating be without some LED step lights? Now you and your guests can enjoy a real movie theater experience without tripping over steps in the dark. And the best thing yet, they can easily be tied into a Control4 home automation system so that they light up when the movie is paused.

Vintage Popcorn Machine

Looking for a way to give your family and guests a unique movie night? Don’t feed them microwaved popcorn; go with a retro-style popcorn machine that pops out fresh, buttery goodness that’s vital for any movie.

Soda Bar System

As an ideal partner for your retro-style popcorn machine, customize your own soda bar system to give your family and guests the perfect beverage to go along with their favorite movies.

Soundproofed Home Theater

If you want to hear the explosions and sweeping soundtracks of your favorite movies in all their booming splendor, be considerate to the rest of your family by soundproofing your home theater. You can install sound-dampening materials in your walls, ceilings and floors. Additionally, hanging drapes and curtains can help enhance the acoustics of your home theater by absorbing sound that would normally bounce around.

Wall Sconce Lights with Dimmer Controls

When it comes to lighting, the little flourishes make a big difference. For example, a custom wall sconce with dimmer controls can really help you and your guests immerse yourselves in the movie. When you connect it with your Control4 home automation system, you can have them dim automatically to the perfect level right as the movie starts. And when the movie ends, they can brighten back up as you stretch and chat about how amazing the movie was.

Motorized Projection Screen

Imagine a group of friends gathering in your home to watch a movie. Everyone settles in their comfy seats, waiting in anticipation for the movie to start. You casually press a single button on your Control4 remote control, and all at once the lights dim, your motorized projection screen lowers as if out of nowhere, and the movie begins.

Immerse Yourself in 7.1 Surround Sound

7.1 surround sound truly immerses you into the movie by encircling you with eight (eight!) separate speaker channels. You’ll feel like the movie is happening all around you: front to back, side to side, and top to bottom. Ask your Control4 authorized dealer how you can integrate 7.1 surround sound into your home theater system—you’ll be glad you did.

Your Automated Home Theater

Our favorite movies have the power to completely captivateus in their stories—an automated home theater can take the cinematic experience to the next level. You’ll never want to watch a movie without home automation ever again!

Learn more about how Control4 can help you craft the ultimate home theater!