There's No Place Like Home, Smart Home.

September 16, 2014

In this issue of Home Smart Home, enjoy a peek into other people's lives from all over the globe. You'll read how home automation technology is making its way to a pocket (or two) of paradise to ensure island dwellers always stay stress-free. You may also learn a tip from an NFL’er on how to keep games front-and-center, even when you're off the field, and downstairs in the basement. And if you're impressed by such a man cave, just wait until you see the fan cave we captured and documented near Chicago!
You'll wonder what Mr. Rogers would think of the neighborhood we visited in Spring, Texas, where every home has a purpose and every purpose, can actually purchase for your own home—right from a touch screen tablet. This version of “Main Street” may go mainstream in a town near you before you know it. And finally, in a land far, far away, we'll make sure you feel like a sultan as you slip through secret passageways and enjoy a soak with a view in this Middle East masterpiece of a penthouse.
Download your issue now (or ask your dealer for a print copy) and let us know what you think.