Light, Elevated. [VIDEO]

September 26, 2014

For most people it’s common to walk into a dark house after a long day at work, fumble with the keys, and attempt to turn on that darn light switch with arms full of groceries. Control4 makes this inconvenience  a thing of the past for one Sarasota, Florida homeowner with automated lighting.

When the family walks in the door, lights automatically turn on and the television tunes to their favorite channel. When it is time to put the kids to bed, the “Bedtime” button turns off the lights in their rooms and starts a movie. This homeowner loves Control4 so much, this isn’t the first time he’s had  a Control4 system installed because it is so easy to operate. He also loves that his family doesn’t have to be tech-savvy to work the system.

Take a look this beautiful smart home and see how automation is simplifying this family’s daily life.