Home Theater. Simplified.

August 28, 2014

Many homeowners desire the simplification that home automation can bring to their lives but either worry about the potential cost associated with it or they simply just don’t know where to begin.
A common starting point for home automation revolves around A/V entertainment because it is not uncommon to walk into a family room or home theater and see a stack of remotes sitting on the coffee table. Just to simply start up a movie can take up to 5 remotes and several button presses before the opening credits finally start to roll.
The Reeds’ dealt with this problem for years until they finally decided to do something about it. Not only did they want to reduce the amount of remotes they used, they were also looking to add a better ambiance to their home theater by incorporating lighting into their automated experience.
After researching online and discussing with their dealer, they decided Control4 was the best option for them. They discovered that not only was it an affordable option, but that a Control4 home automation system was also scalable—meaning they could start by automating just their home theater but have the “brain” in place to expand out in the future, as their budget allows.
Watch the video to see how Control4 helped the Reeds find their smart, starter solution.