Movies We've Seen A Million Times

August 7, 2012

I saw an ad for a series called Movies I've Seen A Million Times where famous people dish about their favorite movies. Of course, the picture of the movie When Harry Met Sally caught my eye. I was just watching that last week for what was surely the millionth time. Why? I love the ebb and flow of the relationships, the humor and the poignant moments, the unrealistic reality of it. The groundbreaking big-O scene with Meg Ryan and those "real" couples talking about their relationships which still make me laugh till I cry. There are so many quotes that just capture things perfectly. Not to mention that I SO wanted Meg Ryan's hair from that movie. Is that back in style yet?
So I read through the celebrity responses and thought it would be interesting to see what movies our Control4 team never gets tired of…it's like a little science (or psychology) experiment:
Kim Deru – Training Coordinator:
"I’ve seen Armageddon many, many times.  It’s kind of dumb but I love the humor and the characters.  No matter how many times I watch it, I always get choked up in the end.  The guys at work tease me because they say it’s a horrible movie."
Jim Russell - Engineering: 
"JAWS….I love the actors and the cinematography. The effects are old and cheesy but, the interaction between the characters is awesome and I just can’t forget having the crap scared out of me as a kid to the point that you where afraid to even use the toilet…."
Jennifer West – Marketing Manager:
"As of last weekend, I have seen Mamma Mia 39 times. Well on my way to a million! It's better than Prozac, nothing cheers me up like Mamma Mia. Especially watching Pierce Brosnan try to sing with that face he makes. It's just all good."
Ross Livingston, Kordon Vaughn – Product Management and Amy Longaker, Sales:
"Oh Brother Where Art Thou. The Cohen brothers are genius. "It gets funnier each time you watch it – “Well aint this place a geological oddity? Two weeks from everywhere.” I could go on, and on, and on…"
Kim Anthony Parker – Sales:
"Goodwill Hunting. "How do you like them apples!" Great lines in that movie as well as a good story."
Kelly Drew – Accounting:
"Grease!!! Love the music & reminds me of my childhood."
Scott Stephenson - Product Management:
"Monty Python's The Holy Grail. So many hilarious quotes.  'It's only a flesh wound.' (this submission quickly bloomed into a group of people around a conference table one-upping each other with quotes. English accents and all!)"

Christi Allen - International Channel Marketing/Events Manager:
"Princess Bride. I know every single line in that movie…My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. TRON Legacy, the sound track is amazing and it's a happy movie. Better Off Dead, because of the '67 Camaro, John Cusack, it's filmed in Utah, and the best line ever: 'I want my two dollars.' Sorry, picking just one was like asking me to pick my favorite child."

Troy Holtby – International Sales:
"Matrix. Only the first one.  Because.... CARRIE-ANNE MOSS, leather, and guns. Enough said. :-)"

Ryan Erickson – Engineering:
"Shawshank Redemption. Morgan Freeman's voice and a great screenplay. 'I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice. Still, the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they're gone'."

David Phillips - Area Sales Manager, UK:
"For me it’s so hard to narrow down to just one… But if you pushed me I would choose Blade Runner. Even after 30 years (1982) it holds it’s own in both effects and acting. So many subtle messages within, like the Chess game played through the movie is based on an actual game of chess between Andersen and Kieseritzky in 1851 that has been dubbed the ‘Immortal Game’ – a clear nod towards the struggle of the replicants and humans alike. Combine that kind of detail with breath-taking audio and visual effects which still sound and look great today and a soundtrack from Vangelis, you have a true classic, even a masterpiece – one to watch a million times."

What's your Million-Times Movie?