Winning Over Mom with Simple Home Automation

May 7, 2014

As moms, we have to be great at compromising but we all know that when “mama’s happy, everybody’s happy.” When a tech-wary mom in Tampa, Florida, was confronted with her AV geek husband and son’s dreams for a high-tech automation system, she was skeptical to say the least. Her fear that their whole-home audio system, off-the-hook home theater and high-fidelity gaming systems would ruin the lovely redesign of their home and, even worse, would be impossible for her to manage, were quickly put to rest – thanks to Control4 and Hoppen Home Systems.
Now mom is able to effortlessly manage the lights, motorized shades, and elaborate audio and video setups through a professionally designed and installed Control4 home automation system. She’s even coming up with her own automation features, including a new scene called simply “Cat.” Read more to find out what happens when you push that button!
A word to the wise, guys. If you’re thinking about geeking your home out with some killer automation…make sure you win mom over too.