Hola Mis Amigos!

By Paul Williams | Posted May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo is upon us once again.  We turn our thoughts to Mexico and celebrate with our neighbors to the south. For many of us this day is an excuse to crack open that bottle of Don Julio Reposado we were saving for just such an occasion. For others, it is time to throw the ultimate Cinco de Mayo party. In either case, Control4 is there to help you, well maybe not with the Don Julio, but certainly with throwing that ultimate Control4 Cinco de Mayo party.
On Cinco de Mayo get the music started by going to TuneIn Internet Radio on your Control4 system and search for “Mariachi”. Select one of the great channels found in the search like, “Viva El Mariachi”. Using your multi-room audio features in Control4, join all of the rooms where you will be entertaining guests to the audio zone where you started the music playing.  
Next, using your Control4 lighting solution, pick a lighting scene that sets the right ambiance for the party. If you don’t have an appropriate lighting scene click here to learn how you can create or edit your lighting scenes. When it prompts you to name your lighting scene, “Cinco de Mayo” would seem appropriate. You now have a scene that you can use for the party and with the Mariachi music, you are now ready for guests.
For an extra little added touch, if you have a Control4 Door Station, you can have your Control4 dealer connect remotely and add an Announcement Agent that pauses the music and plays an announcement like “Viva la Mexico” every time a guest presses the doorbell. This turns your home, through the Control4 system, into a drinking game. Every time you and your guests hear the home say “Viva la Mexico” everyone takes a shot of tequila! Collect those car keys first (enjoy responsibly)!
With Cinco de Mayo, as with any other special occasion or party, Control4 can help you set the right mood and help you entertain your guests. I love Mexico, it is my favorite vacation destination and I love Cinco de Mayo!
The Control4 family wishes each of you a happy Cinco de Mayo!
Adiós y gracias!