Upgrading Your Home Automation System...Why Should You Do It?

March 18, 2014

Why upgrade?

From time to time, your Control4 dealer may have announced upgrades available for your Control4 home automation system. But your Control4 system has been working great—so why “fix” something that isn’t broken?

Growing and changing needs

You shouldn’t need to upgrade if everything’s working like it should, right?

Just like…your computer that was “plenty fast enough” when you bought it a few years ago.
Before Battlefield 4.

Or the hard drive in your media center that had “more storage space than I’ll ever need.”
Before you converted your DVD collection to media files.
Before your kids got hooked on iTunes.
Before you discovered jazz.

Or your car that was big enough for you and your spouse.
Before the twins.

Or the 20” TV that was big enough when you first built your home.
Before you installed theater seating in your family room.

Or any of the things you use every day that were cutting-edge once, but need to catch up to emerging tech, changing families, and fresher visions. In short, your needs and wants change, and your environment needs to catch up to you.

Growing together

The quality, capacity, and sheer number of electronic devices in your home has likely grown,  so your home automation system needs to grow along with it. The size of your family and your social circle may likewise have undergone some changes, so your Control4 system needs to adapt.

Besides, your Control4 system is fun to use and fun to—admit it—show off. And once you get a taste, you’ll want to automate even more of your surroundings. Because if there’s anything more fun than showing off your system, it’s showing off an upgraded and expanded system.

Each new Control4 Operating System release is more feature-rich than the one before, with support for controlling more devices in more ways, all while maintaining the legendary Control4 dependability and ease of use.

It’s easy

Your Control4 dealer can easily update your Control4 system’s software so it keeps up with your latest high-tech wonders. They can also set up your system to automatically update whenever there’s a new operating system, and they’d love to tell you of the latest tips, tricks, and toys from Control4 that will open your eyes to what your system can become.

Visit //www.control4.com/owners/promotions to see how you can get up to 15% off all Control4 products by upgrading your Control4 automation system, and contact your dealer to help your automated home catch up to your life!